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Travels on the Scenic Route

Taking the Scenic Route in marriage is not just going the long way to get somewhere, it’s being intentional about spending time together as a couple. It’s about doing something on a whim. It’s about being two, but one…talking, sharing time, making a memory and adding to the blessing of your marriage, all while perhaps also taking a long or new path to get to your destination.

We’ve had lots of home scenic route journies during the Coronavirus, but what a blessing to be able to make a quick trip to Kentucky this week to visit my parents and also take the scenic route! My husband and I wanted to go see my parents, but didn’t want to stay “with” them, due to Covid 19. Though it was odd to just go up for the day, I was thankful to get to be with them in their home for lunch, and then have the blessing of taking them on a country drive!

My husband has a sixth sense about directions. He just took a back road and got us exactly where we needed to end up! He’s pretty amazing! My parents live near Lexington, Ky in the beautiful rolling hills. Our drive took us past some lovely horse farms and acreage.

Central Kentucky

When we finished our visit and left my parent’s home, we headed to Berea. We could have stayed at a chain hotel, but taking the Scenic Route led us to stay at the historic Boone Tavern. It’s so quaint and lovely. It was quiet (well after the protesters were sent home) and we enjoyed our stay!

Outside Boone Tavern

We could have gone to Cracker Barrel and had breakfast, but taking the Scenic Route led us to eat at the Tavern. It was so delicious – albeit, quite different, due to the Coronavirus’ restrictions. The food was still superb and the service top-notch!

Pardon the funny expression on my husband’s face, I think I caught him between words! Dale was reading some Scripture to me while we enjoyed our coffee and waited for our food.

When we left Berea, Dale decided to hit the scenic route and drive over Clinch Mountain instead of our normal route. He had heard about its beauty, and also a quaint place we could get a late lunch in an article in Blue Ridge Magazine.
The Clinch Mountain Lookout Restaurant was obviously right in front of the mountain views! The Scenic Route led us to eat our delicious hamburger outside where we could enjoy the scenery!

This was our view from our outside table!

It took a little while for our meal to be prepared, but that’s one thing about the Scenic Route – you have to take time to slow down. While we waited, we sat in the porch swing overlooking the mountains and the lake below. We certainly couldn’t complain about that!

The burger was worth waiting for…

We always split a meal – and half of this lunch was plenty! We had a Dr. Pepper Burger. It had pepper bacon on it and a coffee rub. Wow!

We made some good memories, we got to slow down, we found a new restaurant to eat in, and we learned a new route we’d love to travel again! These are all perks of taking the Scenic Route!

This weekend when you and your spouse head out, why take the straight path to your destination when you could have taken the Scenic Route? You’ll be glad you made the effort!

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8 thoughts on “Travels on the Scenic Route

  1. Jerry attended Berea College and worked in the Tavern while there. It is a beautiful campus /town and we love occasional visits there! Glad you two had an enjoyable visit!

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  2. Just love this post. So many of us are yearning to “get out” again not only to see distant family and friends, but also to find some restoration amid all the tragic chaos. Your trip gives me hope that this is doable, if not right now, then perhaps a bit “down the road” (forgive the silly pun). Blessings.

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    1. Thank you, Angela. I agree – just getting out and going on a little get-away brought a bit of normalcy back into our lives. It did feel different, but it was still a blessing. To see family and to spend time as a couple was the true purpose, but we were thankful for the gorgeous views the Lord allowed us to see, as well as the special stops along the way. I hope you get to get rolling soon! Pun returned. =)

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  3. This sounds lovely. I would love to recreate this exact trip! Well, minus dropping in on our parents (that might be odd)!!?:) I love discovering new places to eat while on the scenic route.

    I also wanted to tell you (as I never got around to commenting) that your post on Wednesday was so encouraging…and helpful. Thank you for the wisdom. I’m going to hold onto that one!

    God bless your weekend – and services on Sunday!!

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    1. I hope you can take your own little scenic route trip soon! It is indeed fun to discover new places! Oh, and my folks would welcome you! =)
      Thanks for being an encouragement to me; I’m thankful the post on prayer was helpful to you! God bless your weekend, too, friend!

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  4. This is a great post. After reading it and seeing all the great photos my fiance and I were hungry and decided to take a side route to go somewhere to eat. Thanks for this post.


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