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Learn To Make a Bow

What a beautiful embellishment a bow is on a  package or wreath.  I attended a Christmas Memories class at a lovely shop here in Johnson City and watched as the instructor immensely changed the look of a wreath simply by changing out the bow.  It adds “that final touch,” doesn’t it?

I’ve had so many tell me they struggle with bow-making, so I thought I’d refresh your Christmas prep (and your packages and wreaths!) with a lesson.  Here are step by step pictures for you.  Grab a piece of wired ribbon and try to make one as you follow the steps.

Begin by leaving a “tail” hanging down


Scrunch up the ribbon and pinch it between your thumb and index finger.


Take the non-tail end and make a small loop around your thumb.  This is the little loop in the middle of the bow. Add it to the ribbon between your thumb and index finger.


Just a shot of scrunching and pinching the ribbon between your fingers.


Take the long end and make your first loop by moving the ribbon away from you to the back of the bow.  The bigger the loop, the bigger your bow will be.  Scrunch and pinch between fingers.


Now make a loop on the other side the same size as the first loop.


Keep making loops – first on one side then the other side.  Hold that ribbon between your thumb and index finger!!! =)
Make an odd number of loops. I made 7 on this bow.


Using wire, a pipe cleaner (for wreaths) or ribbon for packages, insert down in the middle of the first little middle loop, then bring it around to the back.


Twist or tie tightly.
Cut the ribbon so that the tails are even.


Fold the tail in half and cut up at an angle to get the “V” shape.


Here’s my ugly bow before FLUFFING! See how all the loops are on the sides?  Move them around so that some are on top, sides and bottom.  Like this…


Pop the wire in the ribbon open so the bow fluffs out. Look at that beautiful bow!  Yay for you!!!

I asked my husband to sit down with a piece of ribbon and read my instructions and try to make a bow (he’s such a good sport!).  He told me he’d make a bow because he’s my “beau.”  =)

Here’s his first attempt to ever make a bow (ok and probably his last)…


What do you think?  I give him an “A”!  I know he’s still going to use gift bags and tissue paper this Christmas, but hey, he proved my point – anyone can make a bow!

As we plunge into the Christmas season, maybe we need to be reminded what a lovely embellishment a Christlike spirit is to the world.  Oh, that people would see the Lord in our actions and responses, hear Him in our speech, and learn of Him by our conversation.  Without Christ we’re just like a plain brown box with no bow.  But when we reflect Him, our life shines like the lights on the brightest Christmas tree in town! Let’s shine for Him.

I hope you’ll attempt making a bow! Here’s a video I made several years ago that might also be helpful!

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4 thoughts on “Learn To Make a Bow

  1. One of my good friends was the official bow maker for everyone at our Church. Sadly she passed away suddenly three years ago.
    I gave Pastor Dale and A. He is your beau and a good sport.

    P.S. I made the Piccata Chicken recipe the other night. My husband really liked it. Thanks for sharing. I have tried many of your recipes and they are always good.

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  2. Thank you for this! It is so nice to have a refresher on the steps in making a bow. I always have to go searching for a video before attempting. The pictures are a huge help!

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