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Learn To Make a Bow

What a beautiful embellishment a bow is on a  package or wreath.  I attended a Christmas Memories class at a lovely shop here in Johnson City and watched as the instructor immensely changed the look of a wreath simply by changing out the bow.  It adds “that final touch,” doesn’t it?

I’ve had so many tell me they struggle with bow-making, so I thought I’d refresh your Christmas prep (and your packages and wreaths!) with a lesson.  Here are step by step pictures for you.  Grab a piece of wired ribbon and try to make one as you follow the Continue reading “Learn To Make a Bow”

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Angel Food Cake Video Tutorial

I LOVE watching the British Bake-Off on Netflix!  Recently the technical challenge was…Angel Food Cake!  I smiled as I watched some of them grease their pans, wonder how stiff to beat the egg whites, and what to do with the dry ingredients.  I only knew because I’d recently made one!  But it’s really not difficult at all!

I’d love to show you my technique!  So here’s a speedy video of making an angel food cake.  You can pause the video at any time if you need to see something a little more closely!  I hope this helps and encourages you to make an Angel Food really soon!

I don’t know what Paul or Mary would think of my finished product, but we enjoyed it!!

Happy baking!

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Object Lesson About Why Jesus Died

I like spring birds, bunnies and eggs as much as the next person, but when it comes to explaining the true meaning of Easter and why Jesus came, all the “cutsie” objects I just mentioned, are just that.  We need to make sure children understand what Easter is all about.

If you need a jaw-dropping illustration for children of what Christ did for us on the cross, you’ve got to see this great object lesson.

When I did this for Bible club the children asked to see it again and again!  It is a great picture of the meaning of the cross, isn’t it?

With whom could you share this Gospel object lesson?

Stay refreshed,