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Object Lesson About Why Jesus Died

I like spring birds, bunnies and eggs as much as the next person, but when it comes to explaining the true meaning of Easter and why Jesus came, all the “cutsie” objects I just mentioned, are just that.  We need to make sure children understand what Easter is all about.

If you need a jaw-dropping illustration for children of what Christ did for us on the cross, you’ve got to see this great object lesson.

When I did this for Bible club the children asked to see it again and again!  It is a great picture of the meaning of the cross, isn’t it?

With whom could you share this Gospel object lesson?

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5 thoughts on “Object Lesson About Why Jesus Died

  1. I just recently saw this great object lesson on Pinterest, and have been practicing it to show my students next week. I was thinking of trying to use food coloring to make my water black (if I could), but I like the idea of using tea. Thank you! Happy Easter!


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