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Turning the Page

Last year I had one thought that I kept repeating in prayer:

Lord, I feel “stuck” in my spiritual life; please help me grow.

Part of the way He answered that was through trials.  Trials aren’t fun, but they sure pushed me to my Savior!  For that I am thankful. But the Lord also revealed to me my waste of time.  So many precious moments are lost doing things that don’t matter each day.  As I sought to find a way to make better use of my time, I realized I needed to spend more time reading good books that would help me grow.

So at the onset of the year, I wrote down a list of books I wanted to read and I decided to set my sights on reading at least one chapter a day and at least one book a month.  The reason?

  • I want to dig deeper into what the Lord wants to teach me.
  • I want to keep my heart saturated with Truth.
  • I want to keep growing!

My rule is to read God’s Word FIRST.  I read it before I read any devotional, commentary or title.  I want it to be my priority.  As I read God’s Word, I’m also seeking to memorize more this year.  (I got a little very lazy in 2019!)  So far I’ve memorized Psalm 63 and I’m currently working on Psalm 19. 


Here are the books I’ve read or that I am reading:

  1. I’ve read A Woman After God’s Own Heart many times over the years.  It touches every area of a woman’s life and is so practical.  It was time to read it again, and I’m so glad I did.  I’ve found that each time I read it, I glean different truths because of the stage of life in which it finds me.
    This time learned one special lesson about making each day count as we age.  I needed that!  I’m so glad I read it again!  If you haven’t read this book yet, it is my first recommendation to any Christian woman, no matter your age or stage!
  2. I’m using the book, Praying Through the Names of God  by Tony Evans in my quiet time.  It’s such a blessing to read the meanings of His names – God my Banner, God my Salvation, God my Light, and so on.  It helps me learn Who He is, and know better how to pray. Praying through God’s names truly takes prayer to another level.  What a blessing!
  3. Women of the Word by Jen Wilkins is a book about how to study the Bible.  I had started it earlier but was less than half way through.  It’s not easy-breezy reading – it takes concentration, hence the reason I hadn’t finished it!  But I can say, I completed it in January and it was so helpful!  It made me realize I need to be a more dedicated student of the Word, not relying on other helps before I do the diligent work of digging myself. She gives really helpful guidelines as to the process of studying God’s Word.  I believe that is a huge part of God answering my prayer about spiritual growth!
  4. I’ve enjoyed using A Woman’s Prayer Map as another way to journal and also keep track of my prayer requests.  I think it’s helpful to change up your prayer journal to keep your prayer life vibrant.  (I’ve used this one for years and I love it, but a change is always good!) This gives me a place to praise God, thank Him, talk to Him, and journal other things that are happening in my life.

Most every woman has such a full day with details to handle at home and outside the home that it can be a challenge to find time to read anything “extra.”  Here’s what I do to find time for extra reading ~

  • First, I set a time limit on my phone for Instagram and Facebook.  When the allotted time is up, it shuts the app down.  That keeps me disciplined!
  • I read in the car when my husband is driving.
  • I take a book with me any time I have an appointment.
  • I read a little before bedtime.

That’s it!  So far it’s gotten me through two and half books! It’s a blessing to learn, and as I do, I journal important quotes and truths into my little Prayer Map so I won’t forget it! 

I hope you’re challenging yourself to read good books, and I pray my testimony will encourage you as to how you can make that happen.  Turning the page on spiritual growth is closely linked to turning the pages of godly books!

Right now I’m reading a book co-authored by a husband and a wife.  Any guesses as to what it is?

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9 thoughts on “Turning the Page

  1. I always enjoy recommendations for good books, so thank you for this post. I am enjoying another book by Jen Wilkin, “None Like Him” about ten attributes of God. And my guess for the book you are currently reading is “Trusting God to Write Your Story” by Robert & Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth! My husband and I actually read that book together as part of our devotional time.


    1. Thank you for this. It is very timely for me as I get ready to head back to Japan after our furlough. I’m guessing you are reading Trusting God to Write Your Story. It’s a good one!!


  2. Is it You Can Trust God to Write Your Story? If so, you’ll love it. I read it last fall and it was fantastic! It’s one I’ll probably reread every couple of years.


  3. The prayer you spoke to the Lord, has become my prayer as well, Thank you for your suggestions, and sharing the thoughts, i am sure it is going to be so helpful to me, I am always so amazed at God’s timing. I am so enjoying reading your blog.


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