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Just Do One Thing

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We all probably have a decorator that we love watching transform a space.  Whether it’s Joanna Gaines, another HGTV star, or a favorite blogger, we can be awe struck seeing them smash out walls, replace flooring, tear out all the cabinetry and then replace it with the perfect substitution.  Then we look around at our own home and feel

  • overwhelmed by the process it would take to change it.
  • under-prepared financially to afford it.
  • inner despair at the desire to improve it.

But I’m coming to encourage you today about how you CAN make a difference in your home!

Find one thing you dislike  about a space in your home and focus only on changing that ONE thing.

Ever since we moved into our home six years ago, I hated the way the ceiling fan looked in the living room.  It was dark and huge and we never used it.  If I put a mirror on the fireplace mantle, it grabbed your attention like a noisy toddler in a church service!  That’s all you could see!

living room light 2 (1)

Since it was so large, I knew that replacing the fan for a beautiful light would make a huge difference in the room. Even though it took six years for me to get to it, it made me appreciate it all the more!  Look at the difference in the living room now…

Living room light 3

Even with the light OFF, it adds so much sparkle to the room!
I love the reflection in the mirror now!

Living room light 1

So, my encouragement to you is, find

  1. The area that bothers you the most.
  2. A project that is obtainable

Start saving and planning on how to do that ONE thing. It’s amazing what an improvement simple changes can make!  To update your room consider one of these affordable projects:

  1. Paint the room
  2. De-clutter and organize it.
  3. Rearrange the furniture.  (I love this book, The Cozy Minimalist, that helps with both de-cluttering and rearranging the furniture!)
  4. Change out a large fixture.  Lowe’s has great prices and often mark things down on sale or even clearance!
  5. Shop your house! Move a piece of furniture or an accessory from another room in your house to add what you need.

I’m getting ready to do a project for the living room that falls under the category in #5! I’ll be sharing updates as things progress!

What ONE thing will you work on to get one step closer to making your space one you love?

Why not attend a Bible-preaching church this Sunday and do another ONE thing that can help you walk with God? You need the Body of Christ, and they need you!

Have a great weekend!

denise a


15 thoughts on “Just Do One Thing

  1. This is the post that brought me in here and I nearly forgot! While I love me a ceiling fan, your room looks transformed in the second picture. I went looking for the book at my local library and am so excited they have it. They have two formats (audio book and the print version I’ll have to wait for). It will be worth the wait, I’m sure, as I’m thinking this is a book that needs to be seen every bit as much as it needs to be heard. 🙂 Thanks for the book recommendation.


    1. How nice that your library has the book! It is very helpful! Thank you for your sweet comments on my transformation. It’s amazing to me how something so small can make such a big impact!


  2. I love the new light fixture, Denise. You have such a knack for making your home beautiful.
    I am wanting to re-do our master bath soon.
    Have a blessed week-end.


    1. Thank you. I love when I find something and I know immediately that it is what I am looking for. Such was the case when I found this fixture! Yes, it came from Lowe’s. I’m glad you find some inspiration here!😊


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