Friday Favorites

During the Coronavirus, I began keeping a daily log of blessings.  It’s so easy to focus on the negatives and forget the joys of each day, isn’t it?!  Looking back in my pictures on my phone is a good way to make my list.  Here are some of this week’s favorites.

A Saturday bread delivery.  I’ve continued to bake Sour Dough each week and then my husband and I go out together to drop off a little loaf to folks in our church family.  What a joy to see our friends and give them something to enjoy.



I have permission to share photos of my  sweet grandsons, so I get to tell you about our Jeep picnic to Chick-Fil-A!  We pulled into a parking lot, opened the back door and I sat between them and we ate our lunch while Pappa stood in front of us.  They LOVED that!  It was a good thing just to get out and do something outside of the house!  Of course these two make it even more fun!


Another day, I got to stay with one of the boys while the other had an appointment.  I pray about being intentional in my time with them, and decided to teach him a Bible lesson about Peter preaching to the people and telling them Jesus loved them.  After our lesson, we used this “phone” to tell each other, “Jesus loves you!”  He was so surprised that he could hear me whisper when he was all the way on the other side of the room!  It was some old fashioned fun and a sweet reminder that we need to share the Gospel message with others!


I found this black frame in a closet and decided to make a “wreath out of it.  Crafting is always a bright spot in my day!

I was so happy to have some warm temperatures this week!  I got to sit on the porch and eat my lunch.  What a special blessing…especially because we have more rain in the forecast!



Next week I’m going to have a little get-away with my sisters!  We’re so excited about the chance to be together and also have a change of scenery!  You won’t see me here on the blog, but I’ll be back the next week!

What was the highlight of your week?

Refresh yourself with some things that make you smile!

denise a

7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Great blessings this week, Denise! I am so happy that you got to spend time with your grandsons and that you can have a getaway with your sisters to look forward to.

    I would be hard-pressed to choose the biggest blessing from the week, but I have five of them up on my blog. It’s been a week of blessings. We have warmer temps this week too!


  2. Denise, thank you for always helping me with a godly perspective on things. This week I listened to some old recordings of Corrie Ten Boom…it was very faith-building. Also, I have a tiny postage stamp yard, but God has brought 2 tiny bunnies and many singing birds to me…He knows what I love and He has blessed me so much! Have a wonderful time with your sisters. We’ll miss you!


    1. How I love Corrie Ten Boom! You cannot help but be encouraged when you read anything by her! How fun that you have recordings! God is good to give us little blessings from His creation, too! Thanks for your sweet words about my time with my sisters. We are excited!


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