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Functional Beauty

There is one design statement that has helped me eliminate extra clutter in my home. I’m sharing it with you today in hopes that it will also inspire you! Ready? Here it is…

When the tools and utensils you use on a daily basis are beautiful, you need less stuff in your home to make it lovely. Those tools will do the work for you.

I have tried to keep this thought in my mind as I seek to add decor to my home. The plus side of using lovely things is that it makes the work more enjoyable!

Let me show a few simple examples…

Fruit on a silver pedestal is functional and pretty.

Beautiful wooden cutting boards made are so much prettier than the plastic variety. This one has two similar ones in larger sizes and were made from local trees. It gives me so much joy to use them!

An antique tin is the perfect caddy for my watercolor brushes. It adds a seasonal touch to my craft room without having to add something ornamental. Each side of the tin displays a different season. Again, it’s practical, and pretty.

I showed you this soap decanter last week. This was in the gift box my parents recently received. What a perfect example of some thing beautiful that has a practical purpose and a decorative touch!

I encourage you to take a look at the things that you’re using on a daily basis and ask yourself,

  1. Is this functional piece beautiful?
  2. Does it add to the Decor in this room?

These two questions will help you to keep from buying extra things just for decor sake, and it will make the chores that you do more pleasurable!. I recently changed my canisters out for these clear glass ones (below). They have made such a difference in the kitchen. They make my baking so much easier because the lids come off easily, and the wide opening allows measuring cups to dip in and scoop out what is needed for each recipe. Such a simple change made a big improvement!

If you’re tired of the way your home looks, or you’re frustrated with how difficult your work is because of your tools, maybe you need to refresh those things you use daily. It makes a huge difference! Watch for sales and replace things one at a time. It will be well worth the time and expense.

If you could replace one tool you use daily, wehat would it be?

One thought on “Functional Beauty

  1. Some great ideas, Denise. I have an old tin (same shape as the one you showed). My mother kept her spare change in it. I think I will display it on my desk and use it as a pencil holder.
    I have those same canisters.

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