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Unique Gifts from the Kitchen

With the week of Christmas upon us, maybe you’re still wondering about a few last minute gifts to give? My favorite place to conjure up a gift is in my kitchen! Here are a couple of ideas you could consider! I’m also linking several posts from the past that will give you LOTS of ideas to whip up!

If you have no time, but you have homemade jam, find a holiday lid, pop it on the jar, tie on a ribbon and you are good to go! You could include a loaf of bread, either homemade, or baked from a purchased frozen loaf, like the Rhodes bread loaves.You could also purchase a jar of jam and share it with some bread!

This Healthier Granola can be made up and baked within 30 minutes. Let it cool, then pour it into a holiday cellophane bag. Voila! Gift accomplished!

This granola is so good on Greek yogurt!

Here’s a sweet gift made in your kitchen, but it’s food for birds – not food for people! Since my husband had Covid and we have been quarantined and not able to shop much, I had a friend purchase some birdseed for me and I made these as a gift for him because he loves to see the birds at our feeders/trees. (I feel like an old person saying that! I guess it’s true!). Anyway, these turned out so cute, and the birds will have a feast this winter.

Here’s the recipe and instructions:

Birdseed Ornaments

1 Cup Birdseed
1/4 Cup flour
1/4 Cup water
2 Tbl. corn syrup

Mix. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Spoon birdseed mixture into metal cookie cutters. Let dry 24 hours. Dangle ornaments from twine looped through a hole made with a skewer.

Tip: I put my tray into the oven that was OFF, but still warm after I had baked something else. This sped up the dry time.

I hope I”ve inspired you a little to head into your kitchen and whip up some gifts that are truly unforgettable! Here are some other suggestions:

Here is a biscotti recipe that makes a terrific gift to bag up and share!

Here is another post of food gifts I shared a few years back.

Here is a post of gift basket ideas for the hardest people on your list!

Tell me, are you still finishing up your gifts? Or are you all done?

4 thoughts on “Unique Gifts from the Kitchen

  1. I always make Christmas granola, so called because I add craisins and shelled pistachios for a red and green touch. And no, not finished with my gifts!


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