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Weekly Highlights

Highlights are defined as “An outstanding part of an event or time.” A look at my photos from this past week are full of sweet blessings – highlights. I’m sharing them, not to pretend there weren’t also low times, but to thank and acknowledge the Lord for His goodness and mercies! He is a loving God! Here are a handful.

Of course, being a cat lover, I have many photos of Liza Jane. She’s the sweetest kitty. I’m enjoying her older years. She’s lovable, cuddly and loves her cozy napping spots!

There’s another peek at Liza in a napping basket!

I had the blessing of spending a few days with my parents in Kentucky.

We celebrated our Christmas together, complete with gifts AND even a delicious Christmas dinner. Is there anything like eating at your mom’s table?! Sunday evening we ended the day with “Christmas Tea.” So yummy and so delicious!

My daughter Alli and I got to go to lunch – just the two of us! We went to the downtown of the city where I live and enjoyed lunch, heart to heart conversation and then some fun shopping! I treasure those times!

I’ve started another read through the Bible in 2022. I’m using the chronological plan, and also The Bible Recap with Tara Leigh Cobble. Her recap is like a mini commentary on each day’s reading. It’s been so helpful!

It’s been a blessed first week of 2022! How has your year started? What are some of your highlights? Also, I’m curious, have you begun a Bible reading plan?

Enjoy and bless God for His good gifts,

4 thoughts on “Weekly Highlights

  1. I am also doing the Bible Recap. I am loving it so far. My husband tested positive for Covid yesterday, so please keep us in your prayers.


  2. I agree – there is nothing like eating at my Mom’s table 💕 My mother was #9 out of 14 children, and she knows how to cook!

    I am thankful for a new year and fresh start. I’m not starting a new Bible plan but continuing a plan to read through the Bible chronologically. I’ve never done that before. I was originally just going to do the New Testament, which I completed last year, but several months ago I started the Old Testament that way. I’m also continuing a 24 week study on repentance. I’m on week 18, I believe, and I’ve learned a lot through that.

    I’m glad you were able to visit your parents and spend time with Alli – sweet blessings.


  3. Thanks for sharing this week in your life. I always love seeing pictures of your parents. I read the comment from Pastor Dale. I bet the house does seem empty when he is there without you.
    I haven’t started a Bible plan yet. 😦


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