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The Cat that Occupied My Heart

The fur ball above came into our family after the loss of another beloved cat, Oreo. How I loved Oreo! She was one of those “easy going” cats. She loved big. She was sweetly dispositioned. She never ruined furniture or ate our Thanksgiving turkey. The only thing she did to bring alarm was to leave her hunting prizes on our doorstep, and on one occasion, she brought it inside! After her death, I was not ready to try to find a replacement. I knew that was impossible. Then one day…

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Weekly Highlights

Highlights are defined as “An outstanding part of an event or time.” A look at my photos from this past week are full of sweet blessings – highlights. I’m sharing them, not to pretend there weren’t also low times, but to thank and acknowledge the Lord for His goodness and mercies! He is a loving God! Here are a handful.

Of course, being a cat lover, I have many photos of Liza Jane. She’s the sweetest kitty. I’m enjoying her older years. She’s lovable, cuddly and loves her cozy napping spots!

There’s another peek at Liza in a napping basket!

I had the blessing of spending a few days with my parents in Kentucky.

We celebrated our Christmas together, complete with gifts AND even a delicious Christmas dinner. Is there anything like eating at your mom’s table?! Sunday evening we ended the day with “Christmas Tea.” So yummy and so delicious!

My daughter Alli and I got to go to lunch – just the two of us! We went to the downtown of the city where I live and enjoyed lunch, heart to heart conversation and then some fun shopping! I treasure those times!

I’ve started another read through the Bible in 2022. I’m using the chronological plan, and also The Bible Recap with Tara Leigh Cobble. Her recap is like a mini commentary on each day’s reading. It’s been so helpful!

It’s been a blessed first week of 2022! How has your year started? What are some of your highlights? Also, I’m curious, have you begun a Bible reading plan?

Enjoy and bless God for His good gifts,

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Feline Friday

Well friends, I made many more attempts at posting my bagel video, but Movie Maker is just not working at this time.  So sorry! I’ll keep trying to get that video up.

In the meantime, and to end your week with a smile, I’m going to share a video that Google photos put together of some of the photos of my sweet kitty, Liza Jane.  Enjoy!


Liza is my “praying cat.”  Every single day when I get on my knees and start praying, she comes and sits beside me, reaching up to touch my face with her paw as if to say, “I’m with you!”  If cats could go to heaven, I’m sure she’d have a place! >..<

Any other cat lovers out there?  What do you love most about your feline?

Refresh your heart in church this Sunday!

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Friday Favorites

The first week of September has been a good start to the month!  These are some of my favorite things that happened this week.  (From top to bottom, left to right)


  1.  My flower boxes were looking a little weary, so I refreshed them with mums, rosemary and Asters.  This is the first time I’ve added rosemary, but I’m hoping since it’s so hardy it will do well all winter!
  2. If you follow me on Instagram (denisec_refreshHer), you saw this picture on my #Mondaymarriagematters.  I drew this little picture on the bathroom mirror the night before my husband jumped back into preaching after sabbatical.  I wanted to remind him I was praying for him and behind him!
  3. Sunday morning our dear Rod Carter, 90 years old, was so happy to see his pastor at the door.  We missed every member while we were gone, and Sunday was quite the reunion!
  4. My husband ran in a 10K on Saturday!  I’m so proud of him for staying fit and active!  I am NOT  runner, so I went to stand on the sidelines and cheer him on!
  5. This sunrise was September first.  What a glorious reminder that my God is in control and will give grace and glory for each day ahead!
  6. The mornings have been so cool and refreshing that one morning I sat in a rocker on the front porch and had my Bible reading.  It was so beautiful, quiet and refreshing in every way!
  7. My kitty Liza does so many funny things.  She is not one to jump on the counters, or furniture, so the morning I found her like this was quite hilarious.  I had used the tub to fill my water pitcher to water the flower boxes and she jumped in to get a drink of the droplets that were still in the tub!  How would you caption this picture?

Then to end the week we have our really special ladies’ event at our church!  If you’re in the area, I invite you to join us for our Ladies’ Event. Our Theme is, “When God Writes Your Story.”

Carol Trahan is our guest speaker tonight and tomorrow morning.  Carol is a Word-filled speaker whose story is not what she would have chosen, but she has allowed the Lord to take the tragedies that have touched her life to refine and mold her into the image of Christ.  She is a Word-filled speaker who exalts her Savior with her testimony of His goodness in her times of brokenness.

Friday night begins with a fashion workshop, some fun skits, then a time in God’s Word with Carol. Then we go home and sleep in our own comfy bed and return the next morning.  Saturday will be filled with helpful workshops you can choose from, and two more sessions with Carol.  Breakfast starts at 9:00 and the day moves on from there. I pray you’ll come and bring a friend!

Praying you have a great weekend of spiritual encouragement!

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Beauty, Bosom Friends, Baking and Bad Milk

Here’s a peek back at my week:

The unedited view I saw from my back porch…

I am blessed that all I do is step out my back door to see such beauty! I never tire of it!

My favorite picture of Liza from the week. I hope you can stand the cuteness!

wpid-wp-1439241007579.jpegWhere I’ve been…
Carter on Main in Elizabethton, TN.  Wow!  It’s beautiful in there!
We had a lunch date with dear friends we don’t get to see often. This was a good place to visit,
since it was quiet and such a lovely setting.
The food was very good, too!  I will definitely be returning!


What I’m loving…


The dear ladies standing with me here have become so very special to me during the weeks of our mentoring ministry.  Apples of Gold is a greater blessing to me every single week! It’s the joy of my heart to have my house full of these  mentors and the young women every Saturday!  We are having a blast, learning much and having the best kind of fellowship!  Only two more weeks remain, and I’m pretty sure we’re all sad at the thought!

What I’ve been baking…
In truth, this is only one item of many that I’ve baked in the past week, due to Apples of Gold
new neighbors, and company, but it’s one of the prettiest!
This is Southern Living’s Strawberry Sheet Cake.  I made the layered version last year,
but decided to simplify it this time around for the Apples of Gold group.
It was yummy!


The cake above almost met with disaster!  When I was making the icing during our cooking class, I opened the heavy cream that was purchased the night before (and had an expiration date of September), only to find MOLD on the top of the cream!  Ahhhh!  Thank the Lord, my husband was home and was able to run to the store and replace it with a fresh one! I had to  finish the icing just before we ate lunch, but it all worked out fine. Whew!  Cooking disasters do happen!  I think it’s a good lesson when these things take place during our cooking class.  My response to it is another lesson – Yikes!  That’s a scary thought!  But it is true!  If all else had failed, I would have just topped the cake with Cool whip and strawberries. We HAD to have that cake for dessert!  But it did all work out, and was a good lesson and memory for us all!

There’s my week!  What have you been up to? Anyone else have a near cooking disaster story?  I’d love to hear!

With love from my country porch,