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Beauty, Bosom Friends, Baking and Bad Milk

Here’s a peek back at my week:

The unedited view I saw from my back porch…

I am blessed that all I do is step out my back door to see such beauty! I never tire of it!

My favorite picture of Liza from the week. I hope you can stand the cuteness!

wpid-wp-1439241007579.jpegWhere I’ve been…
Carter on Main in Elizabethton, TN.  Wow!  It’s beautiful in there!
We had a lunch date with dear friends we don’t get to see often. This was a good place to visit,
since it was quiet and such a lovely setting.
The food was very good, too!  I will definitely be returning!


What I’m loving…


The dear ladies standing with me here have become so very special to me during the weeks of our mentoring ministry.  Apples of Gold is a greater blessing to me every single week! It’s the joy of my heart to have my house full of these  mentors and the young women every Saturday!  We are having a blast, learning much and having the best kind of fellowship!  Only two more weeks remain, and I’m pretty sure we’re all sad at the thought!

What I’ve been baking…
In truth, this is only one item of many that I’ve baked in the past week, due to Apples of Gold
new neighbors, and company, but it’s one of the prettiest!
This is Southern Living’s Strawberry Sheet Cake.  I made the layered version last year,
but decided to simplify it this time around for the Apples of Gold group.
It was yummy!


The cake above almost met with disaster!  When I was making the icing during our cooking class, I opened the heavy cream that was purchased the night before (and had an expiration date of September), only to find MOLD on the top of the cream!  Ahhhh!  Thank the Lord, my husband was home and was able to run to the store and replace it with a fresh one! I had to  finish the icing just before we ate lunch, but it all worked out fine. Whew!  Cooking disasters do happen!  I think it’s a good lesson when these things take place during our cooking class.  My response to it is another lesson – Yikes!  That’s a scary thought!  But it is true!  If all else had failed, I would have just topped the cake with Cool whip and strawberries. We HAD to have that cake for dessert!  But it did all work out, and was a good lesson and memory for us all!

There’s my week!  What have you been up to? Anyone else have a near cooking disaster story?  I’d love to hear!

With love from my country porch,

2 thoughts on “Beauty, Bosom Friends, Baking and Bad Milk

  1. I have to make two cakes for my granddaughter’s 100 day celebration and I am praying that they turn out well. Neither are difficult cakes, a pound cake and a chocolate cake but I want them to be nice! My daughter in law is Korean American and in their culture they celebrate 100 days. In old days it was a pagan practice but now it is a time of celebration and Audrey will receive a blessing prayer from both her grandfathers. I also have to transport them to Georgia so that is another bump in the road. Oh well, if they fall apart we will just eat them anyway!!:) Loved the photo of you ladies who mentor…what a blessing for those young women.


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