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Friday Favorites

The first week of September has been a good start to the month!  These are some of my favorite things that happened this week.  (From top to bottom, left to right)


  1.  My flower boxes were looking a little weary, so I refreshed them with mums, rosemary and Asters.  This is the first time I’ve added rosemary, but I’m hoping since it’s so hardy it will do well all winter!
  2. If you follow me on Instagram (denisec_refreshHer), you saw this picture on my #Mondaymarriagematters.  I drew this little picture on the bathroom mirror the night before my husband jumped back into preaching after sabbatical.  I wanted to remind him I was praying for him and behind him!
  3. Sunday morning our dear Rod Carter, 90 years old, was so happy to see his pastor at the door.  We missed every member while we were gone, and Sunday was quite the reunion!
  4. My husband ran in a 10K on Saturday!  I’m so proud of him for staying fit and active!  I am NOT  runner, so I went to stand on the sidelines and cheer him on!
  5. This sunrise was September first.  What a glorious reminder that my God is in control and will give grace and glory for each day ahead!
  6. The mornings have been so cool and refreshing that one morning I sat in a rocker on the front porch and had my Bible reading.  It was so beautiful, quiet and refreshing in every way!
  7. My kitty Liza does so many funny things.  She is not one to jump on the counters, or furniture, so the morning I found her like this was quite hilarious.  I had used the tub to fill my water pitcher to water the flower boxes and she jumped in to get a drink of the droplets that were still in the tub!  How would you caption this picture?

Then to end the week we have our really special ladies’ event at our church!  If you’re in the area, I invite you to join us for our Ladies’ Event. Our Theme is, “When God Writes Your Story.”

Carol Trahan is our guest speaker tonight and tomorrow morning.  Carol is a Word-filled speaker whose story is not what she would have chosen, but she has allowed the Lord to take the tragedies that have touched her life to refine and mold her into the image of Christ.  She is a Word-filled speaker who exalts her Savior with her testimony of His goodness in her times of brokenness.

Friday night begins with a fashion workshop, some fun skits, then a time in God’s Word with Carol. Then we go home and sleep in our own comfy bed and return the next morning.  Saturday will be filled with helpful workshops you can choose from, and two more sessions with Carol.  Breakfast starts at 9:00 and the day moves on from there. I pray you’ll come and bring a friend!

Praying you have a great weekend of spiritual encouragement!

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3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Wish I could be there for your ladies’ conference, Denise! I’m headed to a mother/daughter retreat at The Wilds of New England with two granddaughters and maybe my daughter too. She had been planning on it, but fell and injured her arm while hiking on Monday, so may not be able to go. I don’t expect it to be relaxing, with little kids around (the granddaughters I am taking are 10 and 15 so they’re fine, but girls as young as 6 will be there), but I am hoping for much spiritual encouragement for all of us.

    Next weekend I’m going to a ladies’ retreat, so the relaxation will come then!

    Enjoyed your pictures too. I love it when I can have my quiet time on the porch.


      1. It was a very nice retreat, Denise! My daughter had her arm checked out at the ER and found there was nothing seriously wrong, so she was able to go with us. She didn’t try the zip line or anything super strenuous, but she did enjoy the hayride and just some good downtime.

        The girls enjoyed it very much. Sarah Hudson was the speaker and she spoke on the topic of Security Breach. Just excellent. My 15-year-old granddaughter (my son’s daughter) got a lot out of that. They did a separate teaching time for the girls 6th grade and under (I think Rand Hummel was teaching those) and so the younger girls learned a lot, too.

        Time at The Wilds of New England is always incredibly special, and this was no exception. Looking forward to a ladies’ retreat this weekend and the couples’ retreat in October!

        Happy to hear your conference went so well also!


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