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The Cat that Occupied My Heart

The fur ball above came into our family after the loss of another beloved cat, Oreo. How I loved Oreo! She was one of those “easy going” cats. She loved big. She was sweetly dispositioned. She never ruined furniture or ate our Thanksgiving turkey. The only thing she did to bring alarm was to leave her hunting prizes on our doorstep, and on one occasion, she brought it inside! After her death, I was not ready to try to find a replacement. I knew that was impossible. Then one day…

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You’re Preaching Your Own Funeral

Seasons of loss bring reflection and contemplation in the solitary moments of your own grief. It boils all the complexities of life down to the very rudiments of our existence. To pass through this valley without it is to waste a very precious time of learning and growth.

As I attended the funeral of my dear father this week, I heard these words spoken about my dad…

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Finally Home

I was a daddy’s girl. In my elementary school days I was a bit of a tomboy, mostly because I wanted to do what my dad did. I would spend time in the yard with him. I loved playing ball with him. I would tag along when he went to the barber shop. In my teen years he was mainly the one that taught me to drive. After I got my license he offered me the newer, sportier car to drive to school IF I would learn to drive a standard transmission. He patiently endured my jerky stops and lunges when I popped the clutch! We played tennis together and took walks in the snow on our country road. I loved to hear him try to tell a joke. He would cry so hard tears would stream down his cheeks. He had a quiet, gentle spirit, reminiscent of Matthew on Anne of Green Gables. He was a servant, always putting others before himself.

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When You’re Waiting On God

What are little boys made of?
What are little boys made of?
Snips and snails
And puppy-dogs’ tails,
That’s what little boys are made of.

For one of our little grandsons, that poem is so accurate. He loves any kind of animal, and will warm up to whatever dog or cat is around, no matter its hesitant nature towards children. He has a way with them, and a heart that melts to love and care for this furry friend. His brother is far more resistant and quite leery about animals, perhaps knowing how quickly one can turn on an unsuspecting child.

Last year, their parents did the loving thing and purchased a puppy for their animal-loving son and his twin brother. Beasley was welcomed into their home as a wiggling, barking, ever-moving Labradoodle. His teeth were never satisfied with the likes of store-bought teethers. He would nip and snip at the boys when they were running through the yard. Our animal lover thought this was hilarious; his brother was traumatized by it. All kinds of dog-training methods were used, but over time the puppy continued to howl and bite, and the frightened grandson, became more and more upset.

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Death Is Not the End

Another birthday is approaching. Hmmmm, another year older. I’m pushing closer to the day when this life will be over. I could let myself get down about that, but then I let my mind remember that death is not the end for me! Let me share an illustration regarding this that the Lord recently made clear to me.

One of my daily summer tasks is to water the flower boxes in my upstairs windows. If I fail to get this chore done, it’s very obvious! When I look out the window, the poor impatiens are so withered it seems they will never revive. But I pour the cool water over their droopy heads with hopes they’ll perk back up. A few hours later when I take a peek at them, no longer are they parched! They’re plumped back up and showing off their glorious colors!

I love how God uses nature to remind us of Truth. I Peter 1, His Word says,

For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away:

25 But the word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you.

When I look at those droopy blooms, I remember that flesh (people) are like the grass, which refers to all grass, flowers and herbs – they wither, meaning we will die. Each birthday reminds us that not only are we a year older, but we’re a year weaker, a year closer to death. The “glory of man” is the things that we might boast in – our strength, our wealth, our wisdom, our position. It might look great at the moment, but that glory will also fall away at some point. But there is good news that follows this truth!

But the Word of the Lord endures forever! Peter reminds us that this is the Word by which we heard the Gospel! It came through the eternal Scriptures, the Words that will be true forever. This is a beautiful reminder that this also means our salvation that came through the Gospel will also be eternal. There’s no need to worry and wonder if I’m saved forever. We literally have God’s Word on it!

Let’s get a mental picture using my flower boxes again. When I water them, they “come back to life” so to speak. When you and I trust Christ as our Savior because we’ve heard the Gospel (that Jesus came, died for us and rose again, and we receive His gift of eternal life), though our flesh may die, we will live forever. Picture that water (the Gospel of the Word of God) being poured over us, reviving our dead bodies and translating us to heaven! We’ll be more alive there than we ever were here!

When you water your droopy flowers, I trust you’ll be able to rejoice in the fact that if you have received Christ, you will fade from this life, but you’ll live gloriously forever because of the eternal Word that gave you the Gospel!

If you don’t have this solid hope, I’d love for you to read this post or this one that tells you how you can be saved. If you are a believer, who could you “water” with this Truth today? There are people all around us who are dying that need this hope!