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Simple and Easy Spring Wreath

With spring around the corner, I decided to make a new wreath last week. If you’ve shopped for wreaths, you know that they are not cheap. However, this took me about half an hour and only $3.75 in materials! I was so pleased with the outcome of my project. Here’s how to make the wreath:

You will need ~

  • One 10″ wreath form
  • Two bags of Reindeer Moss
  • Hot glue gun and about six hot glue sticks
  • A little patience

It’s really wise to spread out newspaper to cover the area where you’re going to work. This moss is really messy and the newspaper will make your clean up a cinch!

In small increments, add glue to your wreath form and place the reindeer moss on the glue. I went all the way around and then also added some to the back so it would be presentable on my glass front door, should I decide to use it there. I used both bags of moss so it would be nice and full. Layer over the first layer until everything is covered and the wreath looks nice and fluffy.

I added a burlap ribbon I had on hand for hanging. You could use whatever color works for your decor. It makes it easy to display and it’s less likely to shed its moss this way.

Are you itching to refresh your home with spring touches as I am? I hope you’ll try this simple wreath!

Refresh you heart in a Bible preaching church this week. You need them and they need you!

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