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Vacation on Edisto Island

We were on vacation last week and it was wonderful!! We live in the mountains, so we love to vacation at the ocean. We went to Edisto Island. It’s so quiet and slow-paced! It was just what we needed. I can sum it up in seven words…


We had beautiful weather that allowed us to enjoy the beach every day!


Good thing we always share a meal! This was a seafood platter. Grits are the starch they offered and we loved them!


On Edisto you can see the sun rise AND set.

Special treats

We do a simple thing when we stay in a condo – we buy a container of ice cream and enjoy it in the evening. Yummy! If you can’t eat ice cream every day, is it really vacation?!

Scenic routes

We took many drives and saw gorgeous sights., This is a picture of Botany Bay. The old trees with Spanish Moss are so beautiful, as is the beach area with the Oak Tree skeletons.


Nothing like uninterrupted time together as a couple! Every marriage needs it!


One of the churches on the island has a prayer chapel on their property. We stopped there twice during our week’s stay and had prayer together. How special! We started each day with time in God’s Word out on our deck. We needed those times of spiritual refreshment, alone and as a couple.

I love May vacations. It’s not too hot, nor too crowded. It came at the end of a very busy spring season for me. What a blessing to rest -At the suggestion of my daughter, Whitney, I turned my phone on “Do Not Disturb” several days just so I could unplug. I’m so grateful to the Lord for providing this time to recharge our batteries. How kind and gracious He is!

  1. Are you a beach vacationer or do you prefer the mountains?
  2. Have you had grits?
  3. What is your favorite month to go away?

Even if you can’t go away, you can create times of rest for yourself. Do something you love. Enjoy a sweet treat. Take a drive. Visit a local destination you haven’t seen yet. Watch the sun set. You’ll find that bit of refreshment so refreshing!

5 thoughts on “Vacation on Edisto Island

  1. Love these pics! I’m so glad you were able to get away and rest – and in such a beautiful location. ❤ I'll take the mountains over the beach any day, and I definitely prefer vacation when it's a little bit cooler. 🙂


  2. Love your 7-word summary, Denise! Charleston was where my hubs and I went on our honeymoon 26 years ago and it’s still one of our favorite destinations!
    I giggled over your question “Have you had grits?” because they are a staple where I live! The question here would be, “What’s your favorite way to eat grits?” 😂😂
    Thanks for sharing your trip photos! Fun!


    1. We’ve never stayed in Charleston and I told my husband I’d love to do that sometime. There’s just so much to see! I’m sure it made a great destination for a honeymoon.

      Other than plain and cheese grits, I’ve not been aware of others ways to eat them. I’m going to have to branch out and try some recipes! We have quite a few families that have come to our church from the north and they turn their noses up at the offer of grits! Funny how different parts of the country eat certain foods. I’m glad I was introduced to them!


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