Summer Brings Freshness!

I love Summer for so many reasons, but as you will see in my post today, I love the freshness that it brings in so many ways!

Fresh peaches!! Oh, how i love them! I was able to can 12 jars to enjoy during the winter months. You can find the method I use for canning in this post. You can make an incredible Peach Dump Cake with canned peaches (fresh or store bought)! Find the recipe here.

Fresh air! We get out in it as much as possible! We eat all our meals on our patio, we take walks, we go on picnics.

Sidewalk chalk games on the driveway with my grandsons was so much fun one evening this week. We made up our own games as we went along and laughed ourselves silly! There are so many fun adventures for children outside! Tents, making a circus in the backyard, riding bikes, blowing bubbles, sprinklers, tag, hide and seek, trucks in the dirt, washing bikes with the hose, and a million other fun activities await just outside the back door.

Fresh inspiration! My daughter, Alli and I did painted miniature watercolor paintings while sitting out on the patio. Painting with someone else is encouraging. “You can do it!” “That looks great!” “I love that!“ Who could you get to join you in something creative?

Fresh produce! This is from a dear friend’s garden!. They hared their “first fruits“ with us. We are blessed with such thoughtful friends, and are also blessed to be able to enjoy such delicious things that God grows?! Have you visited a Farmer’s Market this summer? It’s a great option, if you don’t have a garden of your own.

Fresh date itineraries! Going to the lake and sitting in your comfortable camping chairs and just watching the boats go by is so restful. My husband and I got to enjoy sitting at Watauga Lake on his day off this week. Don’t bemoan the fact that you can’t go on vacation. Create a local one! If you have a lake nearby, go enjoy its beauty!

All these little blessings add so much to a busy week. It’s up to each of us to stop and take time to enjoy the freshness of summer while it’s here. You might hate the heat, the thunderstorms, or the humidity,, but as in any part of life, we know that a wise God created the summer season. It is a gift from His hands.

“You have set all the borders of the earth;

You have made summer and winter.”  Psalm 74:17

Summer won’t last forever, so look for the things you can enjoy about it.

What do you love about summer? I have a hunch someone is going to say, “air conditioning!”

2 thoughts on “Summer Brings Freshness!

  1. I love this post, Denise! It’s definitely the summer peaches for me! 🍑 And also the slower mornings, pool days, home projects, evenings outside, dinner off the grill, s’mores at the fire pit. So much I’m enjoying about summer but at the same time also thinking ahead toward fall fun. Every season is so full of blessing! Like you said, God created it so let’s enjoy!!


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