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Keep on Building

A wise woman knows that building her home has many faces.

  1. When she stopped to play baseball with the children in the backyard, she was building into the life of her child.
  2. When she spent time scouring the pantry and freezer, then made a menu for the week using those items, she was building her family.
  3. When she took time to organize the closets,, she was building her home.
  4. When she left that little note on her husband’s pillow, she was building her marriage.

After reading my post about last week building your home. One reader, Sheena, commented,

I cleaned out some closets as well, and reading your post made me realize this is not just a chore – it’s part of the ‘building.’

Yes! Yes! Yes!

If only we could have that thought process with every thing that our hands find to do and with every responsibility in our homes, we would go at it with a fresh heart, perspective and energy. Think about it – if you leave the clean and dried laundry tossed on the couch, are you helping your home to be that inviting respite you desire for your family? What message does the unfinished laundry give to those that live there? Perhaps –

  • You can’t sit on the couch!
  • I’m too busy to fold your clothes; do it yourself.
  • I don’t have time to spend with you; I have laundry to finish.

But what if the laundry does get folded and delivered to each family member’s dresser – what would that communicate to them?

  • I took time to care for your clothes.
  • Let’s sit on the sofa and have time together!
  • My work is finished and I want to spend time with you!

There’s wisdom in getting help from family members, so I’m not suggesting you do it all. As a matter of a fact, when we teach our children to work, it’s another aspect of building our home.

We need to get the picture that all the wise things we do, will all help to make our homes strong..

Teaching, loving, working, communicating, organizing, preparing, cooking, playing, listening…it’s all so important!, and the “pull” that it creates in the hearts of your family and those that visit you, will be immeasurable. It’s a testimony of the Gospel that we have trusted. We are showing the love, care, and the servitude that God has shown to us, and it’s simply irresistible.

Now, if you’re feeling guilty because maybe you DO have unfolded laundry, dirty dishes or messy closets, remember that if you are a child of God, guilt is not from the Lord. You need the Lord’s help. So obey Psalm 90:17 and commit your work to the Lord and let Him establish the work of your hands. Ask Him if you’re wasting your time on other things and ask Him to show you how to get done what is necessary. Ask Him to help you know what is most important in the building of your home. Then do one thing. When it is finished, say, “Okay, Lord, what is next?” Keep obeying His leading. When the day is done, you will look back and realize that you were productive, simply because you followed God’s directives.

For more encouragement from Scripture, consider these verses:
Colossians 3:23, 24
Philippians 2:14-15
Galatians 6:9

Whatever you do, do it for God’s glory, and for the strengthening of your home. Oh, what a treasure is a strong home in this world today! Keep on building!

Are you getting a fresh perspective of the importance and the reason for which you are laboring in your home?

Refresh your attitude, refresh your home.

9 thoughts on “Keep on Building

  1. Me. Denise, I so much appreciate your posts on biblical womanhood and the roles of a wife, mother, and keeper of our homes. Such encouragement and challenge! I have lost that over time but hoping with the Lord’s help to change!! I was also curious if you might have any suggestions on a vitamin/health regime for overall health and maybe weight loss. There is sooo much out there that so called works for everything. I am just trying to get some godly counsel in this area. I am also premenopausal so looking for helps in this area as well. Just seeing if you have had any experience with anything particular. Thanks so much for you encouraging posts!! Have a blessed day!!


    1. Hi Michelle, I’m glad you are encouraged and are getting some fresh ideas in the area of biblical womanhood. Take one step at a time and just do the next right thing. God will help you to redeem the time as you follow his directives.
      I certainly don’t feel qualified to give you counsel regarding your Health and vitamins. I don’t have a lot of complications at this time so I basically take a handful of vitamins every day that my doctor has directed. I have never gone the route of any kind of hormone supplements, but some women need to. I would just follow the advice of a good doctor.
      I do have strong feelings about weight loss, though! I firmly believe in following a regimen that is wise and easy to maintain after you lose your weight. Weight watchers has been my best tool. They offer really great reduced rates for the monthly fee. It is well worth it! I couldn’t recommend them more.
      I hope this is helpful. Pray about it and let the Lord lead you.💕


  2. Thank you, Denise, for all the encouragement. This series offers such a good perspective on how our attitudes make such difference.


  3. Thank you, Denise, for all the encouragement. This series offers such a good perspective on how our attitudes make such difference.


  4. Thank you Denise! Your posts are encouraging and challenging. I find my attitude is so important in everything I do AND makes a difference. Reminding me to seek the Lord’s direction is right on this week for me. As Elisabeth Elliott says when you don’t know where to begin “just do the next thing”. Then the next, the next ….:)


    1. I’m thankful that you have found these posts encouraging. I think we all need to be reminded to check our heart and the reason we are doing anything. I love Elizabeth Elliott’s wise counsel! Step, step, step, following the Lord. Thanks, Kathy.


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