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Four Tips for Growth

This post is part of the continuing series as we review A Woman After God’s Own Heart, by Elizabeth George.

I heard about a woman who was having a dinner party and fixed an elaborate meal.  Everything was cooking, chilling and baked, ready for her guests that would arrive a couple hours later, but she found herself hungry.  She sat down and ate a couple of large candy bars “just to tide herself over.” When it came time to serve her guests, she had no appetite for the lavish meal! 

We are guilty of doing the same thing when we foolishly binge on things that have no value to our spiritual life.   Let’s glean some great practical advice that Elizabeth George was given by a friend that will help us to grow spiritually because we’re feasting on God’s Wisdom.

Have five fat files and for the next ten years, start filling those files. Here’s what that would look like~

  1. Get Five Folders – You can either get yourself five paper folders, five notebooks, or you could also set up folders on your laptop on Google drive to use for this activity that will enable you to grow.
  2. Aim at expertise – Select five SPIRITUAL areas that you’d like to study deeply over the next ten years. These are topics that have eternal value.  Would that include Calligraphy, watercolors or cake baking?  NO.  It could include topics like:
    1. Prayer
    2. Discipleship
    3. Evangelism
    4. Bible memory
    5. Hospitality
    6. Teaching
    7. Counseling
    8. Marriage
    9. Parenting
    10. Aging
    11. Missions
    12. Contentment

To hep you determine which subjects to choose, pray about it.  Ask the Lord what HE would have you be known for.  A woman of prayer?  A woman who has a heart for the lost?

  1. Fill the files. 
    1. Read all you can from the bible on those subjects
    2. Mark up your Bible  – Highlights and marks that will point out those verses and passages.
    3. When there are classes offered at a retreat, you’ll know which ones you’re looking to learn more about!
    4. When reading other books, find titles that will fill your folders!
  2. Be ready to share what you learn. There needs to be an outlet for all you’re learning.  We are saved to serve.
    II Tim 1:9 He has saved us and called us to a holy life—not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace. This grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time,

As you begin to seriously study and develop in these areas, realize that God will be equipping you to serve Him in some way. The Holy Spirit will be your guide as you study. In ten years (or perhaps way before then!) the Lord will give you opportunities to use what you have learned. Can there be anything more exciting as being taught by God and then used for eternal purposes? It’s far better then “stuffing ourselves full of candy bars!” This will be meat for our own soul, and good nourishment to share with others.

When someone asks you to lead a Bible study or do a workshop at your church gathering, you own’t have to think twice about what your topic will be! You can pull all the resources from your Five Fat Files and spill over on others what you have learned.

How old will you be in ten years? Think of yourself at that age, ready to embark on mission with God.

I’m curious, what topic(s) of study leap to your heart as ones of interest?

Refresh your spiritual growth with those five fat files!

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