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“Dressing” the Dinner Table

I recently posted about dressing ourselves, but you know, we should also be dressing our dinner table. Simply put, we should make the dinner table attractive. I post lots of ideas for recipes here on RefreshHer, but it’s only a means to get you to gather around your table. That’s where the connections happen. That’s where communication, love, relationships and nurturing thrive. There’s just so much to say about the gathering around the table. Since it’s so important, we should put some thought into making it welcoming. It isn’t stuffy or pretentious, but simple and inviting. How can we do that?

  1. Make sure the table is clean. It’s easy to overlook crumbs or stains after a meal is done. Wipe everything down carefully. Shake out place mats or the tablecloth. Change out anything that got dirty.
  2. Add layers to the dinner table. Place mats for each person, or a tablecloth is a good place to start. Then add napkins. I love cloth napkins because they’re so much more absorbent, and they’re also cost-effective.
  3. Add a centerpiece. This doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate. Put something there that is a pretty accent on the table. It could also add to the function, like a basket that holds the salt and pepper and the napkins.

My sister had our family over for dinner recently and she created the gorgeous arrangement of fruit, flowers and candles in the picture above. How easy is that? A large bowl, water, limes, lemons, floating votives and flower buds is what was included in her arrangement. That kind of arrangement isn’t an “every day” type centerpiece, but is perfect for a special dinner or party.

A practical every day idea would be to display your fresh fruit in a bowl. You could add some greenery from your own yard around the edges of the platter or bowl.

A tiered stand with salt and pepper, a few flowers in a small vase and other small items from your kitchen like a colorful cup, pitcher, or other decorative piece would also be perfect.

Here is a picture I found on PInterest –

The Clean Table Club
Such a clean, beautiful look!

Here’s a centerpiece from Kirkland’s that I saw in the store and really liked, but it’s way too pricey for my budget. I’m working on a little project to create something kind of similar.

Kirkland’s – A runner would be really pretty under this!

I like to make a centerpiece that will last through the month, if possible. That means you’re not having to “dress” the table each day, but you’re keeping it clean and can freshen it up at the beginning of a new month or season.

Make sure you keep it low enough to see across the table. Nothing like having to peek through flower stems at whoever is across from you!

When you call your people to gather around your table, make it obvious that you thought about them beforehand and created an inviting place to sit and connect with one another around the meal. It will take more of your heart than it will your time.

Do you regularly add/change the centerpiece and settings on your table?

Here’s another post about mealtime, if you need some other inspiration.

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