Beautiful Homemade Hamburger Buns

I remember hearing years ago about a friend who made her own saltine crackers. I thought she was crazy! You can buy them so cheaply! Why bother? Perhaps you’ll think I’m the crazy lady today when I tell you I made my own hamburger buns last week!

My husband went to the grocery store and found a package of really nice beef patties marked down. When he brought them home, I knew burgers were on the menu for the next day, but I had no buns. I’ve always wanted to try making my own! Soooo, the next morning I went to King Arthur Flour and looked for a recipe! I found Beautiful Burger Buns on their site and set in to make them. It started out as a necessity and ended up as the best decision I’ve made in the kitchen in a while!

Do you see that cute little hamburger bun? It was so tasty! It held up under our hamburgers and it was the perfect size! The dough is soft, and just slightly sweet. They were no more difficult to make than any kind of homemade roll. I am in love!

The recipe says to divide into eighths, but I wanted them a little smaller. I got twelve perfect size buns from the recipe. I love that I could also make a slider size, or hot dog buns! Oh, yes, I’m definitely on board with making my own! I think you will be, too, if you make these! You can go here for the recipe from King Arthur Flour.

The whole process took about three hours with the two rise times – once in the bowl and once on the baking sheet. I also considered the cost and it was about $2.50 – a great deal for a dozen!

We’ve had some gorgeous warm weather recently, allowing those burgers to be grilled outside on a November day! Sunshine, grilled burgers and delicious, homemade buns? Now that’s a good day!!

If you need a really good hamburger recipe, this one is a favorite of ours!

Go a little crazy and give this recipe a try!

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