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How To Know the Will of God

When a decision needs to be made regarding “big things” in life, we can feel like we’re on a dead end street However, knowing the will of God can be simplified when we follow the directives from His Word. The Refresh Her podcast that was published today will break down how to discern God’s will.

You can follow this link to listen. If you haven’t signed up to receive an email notification when a new episode of the podcast is published, you can do that here.

My Wednesday blog posts from here on out will be the Refresh Her podcast. I pray you’ll be encouraged as you listen, rather than read the mid-week post!

Is there a struggle in your life to know God’s will? Did today’s podcast clear it up for you?

8 thoughts on “How To Know the Will of God

  1. I think it’s most important to BE God’s will, ‘that we may know HIM and the power of his resurrection’ in real life. So often I gripe about circumstances and consequences- that he specifically orders for ME!


    1. Hello Ms. Denise. I was wandering if you could share a post on how to overcome “MUCH” anxieties/fears. I struggle with this so much in my life that I am not able to fulfill my roles as a wife, mother, keeper of my home, teacher and just every day life. You may have done a post in the past on this. Just looking for some encouragement in this area. IT IS VERY OVERWHELMING AT TIMES!
      Thank you so much for sharing as you do. It is a big help in my life!!


      1. Michelle, I am happy to pray about doing a post on anxiety. In the meantime, I would highly recommend a book by Rand Hummel, called, Feat Not. It has been such a blessing in my life, and I know it will give you the truth that you need as an anchor for your soul. Praying for you. 💕


      2. Thank you so much! Your blog posts have been a big encouragement in my life! Thank you for this book suggestion and for your prayers…I sure need help!

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  2. Hi Michelle. I think God purposes life’s difficulties so to draw us to himself. Jesus Christ heals: “Come unto me.” So, I consciously center my attention on him all day, all night long.
    Upon the cross he took Sin on his shoulders, so in anxieties and fears, and even (especially) when I sin, he’s my go-to. I don’t really know much except to keep him front and center through my thick and thins, all the time.


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