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Cozy Winter Family Room

I think it happens every single winter – I get in the mood to move furniture close to the windows. I bring in more soft lights to brighten dark corners and table tops. I think of ways to make things cozier in our living spaces. Last week I was straightening up the family room upstairs and I got to thinking about my small oak kitchen table downstairs. I wondered what it would be like to have it in the family room beside the window. It would be in the sunshine at lunchtime and then it could create a cozy inviting spot for supper. Would it be weird to have an eating space in the family room? I decided to give it a try!

When I walked into my husband’s study to share my idea, he could tell simply by the look on my face that I was up to something! He is always great about going along with my crazy ideas, and he sweetly helped me bring the table up the steps. He also helped me reconfigure the current furniture so that the table found a perfect resting place in front of the window. I added my tablecloth and runner, a small lamp and flowers. When we sat down in our chairs, we knew we had a spot we were going to LOVE. Here’s our first meal at our new spot…

Every time we sit to have a meal here we feel like we’re at a special restaurant with the best seat in the house! It’s so cozy, intimate and inviting! The morning views of the sunrise are spectacular as well!

My husband also decided that we needed to sell the ladderback chairs we’ve had for 30+ years and find some comfortable seats that make you want to stay. We found exactly what we were looking for at Home Goods. We knew as soon as we found them that they would be perfect. Oh my goodness. It made it an even sweeter place! Here’s a daytime view…

The before and after picture above gives you a feel for the new table area. Perhaps when spring comes we’ll move the table back to its place downstairs, we will see. For now, we’re enjoying a new place to enjoy meals together!

What could you do to cozy up your home for these long winter days? Moving a table close to the fireplace is one option. Adding brighter light bulbs or just more lamps is helpful. Think outside the box about moving pieces of furniture to other rooms to create cozy places. What will you move????

Refresh winter by creating cozy areas in your home!

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