A Crown or a Cancer, Part 2

In today’s new episode on the podcast, I’m sharing how we can be an adornment to our husband’s life. Being an adornment is more than something pretty to look at. A wife who adorns her husband’s life has great input and value. Listen and see if you’re adding these simple characteristics to your marriage.  These little things done on a daily basis can make such a huge difference!

Here’s a snippet of a story about a woman in the public arena who was irresistible to the men she served, but it wasn’t because of her looks…

You can listen to the whole episode here.
Here is the first episode in this series, in case you missed it.

How are you being a lovely adornment to your husband? We all need reminders and encouragements in our marriage. I pray today’s podcast has helped strengthen you in your important role as a wife!

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