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A Date on the Scenic Route

What’s the difference between taking a road trip and taking the scenic route?

On the Scenic Route…

  1. It’s slowing down to get to your destination because these routes typically take longer.
  2. It’s saying “Yes!” to a whim to stop and see the view or enjoy a store or restaurant that caught your attention.
  3. It’s not being in a hurry. It’s not looking at your watch and your phone and being all there.
  4. It’s being purposeful about where you are going. It’s relishing every view, every new sight out the window!
  5. It’s about making each moment a part of the adventure. It’s taking the time to sit in a rocker on the porch at Cracker Barrel, walk up the observation path, or realizing that even a delay is part of the journey.

There are so many great analogies from this scenic route trip and marriage, and when you combine the two together, you have the PERFECT combination for a date!

You see, a great marriage does all the above! You are purposeful, intentional, willing to do the hard things to make your marriage great, and enjoying each moment together. As with the Scenic route adventure, applying these principles to your marriage is SO worth the effort!

Here’s a look at a recent Scenic Route we took.

As we were making the trip, we needed to stop for a quick lunch. We’re often tempted to grab it and eat in the car, but on the scenic route, we choose to get out and enjoy the simple lunch outside in the sunshine on a gorgeous day!

The picture above is Lake Waccamaw, and it was also the place where we enjoyed our simple breakfast of yogurt, fresh fruit and homemade granola. We had stayed at a camp nearby so we could attend the retirement service for dear friends who have ministered in a church in the area. Breakfast was on our own before church, so before we left home, I had packed this simple meal for Sunday morning. Rather than eating it in our room, we found this quiet and gorgeous spot where we could sit and enjoy the view and time together before a busy day. This beat the view and menu board of McDonald’s by a long-shot!

So often my heart swells with the joy of being able to minister and serve alongside Dale. But on this day, I didn’t keep that thought to myself. After we left the church and retirement celebration and were on the road, I told my husband how grateful I am that I’ve been blessed to be his wife and serve the Lord with him. Being intentional to share my love has been impressed on my heart as I realize how quickly our life passes. We never know how many more opportunities we’ll get to share our love.

As we were making our way back home, we looked for a place for dinner near Boone, NC. Monday’s are days when many restaurants are closed, but we found that a special place in Blowing Rock we’d been to a couple times before was open.! Woo hoo! The setting is gorgeous and the food is great. This was a sweet blessing. We were seated near the window where we could see the lake, the swans and the flowers on their property. We had purposeful conversation and a wonderful dining experience at Timberlake Restaurant.

Sometimes our Scenic Route dates are centered around a simple event like getting an ice cream cone after grocery shopping and then taking the country road home. Other times it’s a long weekend like this one was. No matter what you do or where you go, the principles are still the same –

Slow down
Say “Yes!”
Don’t be in a hurry
Be purposeful
Make each moment part of the adventure

Why not get off the interstate this Memorial Weekend and take the scenic route?! Your marriage could be strengthened by it, and you might also get to enjoy something brand new along the way or make another memory at a favorite spot!

Refresh your marriage with the Scenic Route!

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