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The Easiest Method for Helping Indoor Plants Survive

Real plants in your home can add so much. I’ve gotten to the place where I forage through my yard for the fresh greens to make pretty arrangements, but I’m also adding some live plants.

I went to Lowe’s recently to look at succulents, and while I was there, I found a beautiful little fern that had a little wick at the bottom of its pot. That wick is how the plant gets its water! You place the plant into a reservoir with water in it. As the wick sits in the water, the plant will draw up as much water as it needs! This eliminates the fear of over or under-watering!

This system is perfect for anyone who wants to make having live plants easier. It’s also perfect for caring for your plants while on vacation. You can purchase these plants all ready for you with the wick system in place (my little plant was $5). You can also purchase the wick and add it to all your house plants!

ORIMERC 30 feet 1/6 inch Self Watering Capillary Wick Cord Vacation Plant Sitter DIY Hydroponic Wicking Self-Watering Planter Pot Automatic Water
This is $3.99 on Amazon and has 30 feet of wick! That would take care of a LOT of plants!

I put the mirror behind the plant to double the visual impact of this fern on my bedside table.

Silk ferns and ivy will NEVER find their way back into my house after finding these beauties!

Refresh your greenery in your home with some real greenery…even if you don’t have a green thumb! The wick system takes all the guess work out of growing plants!

Have you ever heard of the Wick Plants? Does this make you think you could have a live plant in your home and not kill it?!

Walk closely to Christ. Give Him your cares and have a lovely weekend.