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Because Marriage Matters


If you are an Instagram follower , you’ll understand TBT.  It stands for, Throw Back Thursday.  On that day, many people will post a picture that’s a throwback to the past.

I’m going to try to start posting a new kind of picture each week – specifically on Monday, called #MondayMarriageMatters.  On Monday’s I’m going to try to post a picture of something that my husband and I did together in the last week to make our marriage what it should be. We post pictures of our cat, dog, computer, backyard, meatloaf or new couch pillows, so why not a picture that will encourage marriages?

It might sound a little mechanical for me to say this is my way to  help Maintain my marriage, but maintenance is simply providing care and upkeep. Just like anything else, if a marriage isn’t cared for, it will fall apart.

Having a goal of posting a marriage picture each Monday will prompt me to be active in my care of making my relationship with my husband the best it can be, by God’s grace.  In a day when marriage is being redefined and changed from God’s original plan, I think it’s essential that we set good examples of a godly marriage – a man and a woman who love God and one another for life.

Another reason to do this is for the testimony of a loving marriage to your children and anyone else you choose to see your photo.

Can I encourage you to join me? #MondayMarriageMatters doesn’t have to be public, and it’s not an effort to be proud, but only to do your part in making your marriage really matter.  You can post your picture on Instagram or Facebook.

Your picture might be:

  • A date out
  • A book you and your spouse are reading together
  • A thoughtful gesture you did for him
  • A gift you leave
  • A special meal prepared
  • A task done for your spouse
  • A truth God showed you in His Word regarding Marriage

Again, this is just a prompt to do something special for your marriage each week.  If you choose to join me, use the #MondayMarriageMatters so we can encourage one another in making our Marriages Matter for Christ’s glory!

With love,

P.S. When I posted my first picture on Instagram with this hashtag, I found someone else has used the same name. I thought I was being original!  =) There’s nothing new under the sun!