A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished. Proverbs 22:3
Yesterday my husband was on his way out of town and he called and asked me to do for him what I considered a sweet privilege. “Would you please read me the Proverb for today? I need to quiet my heart.” It seems that the traffic going into Asheville was typically busy for the morning hours and drivers were exceptionally rude. It created some tension on the road and and in his heart, and my husband wisely knew the cure – the Word of God.

I read through the chapter then he said, “Read the first three verses again.” When I got to verse three he said, “That’s the one I wanted to hear. Isn’t that wise?” We talked about it a minute before we hung up. I’ve meditated on the verse all day.

We can all probably think of people who didn’t obey this instruction, but I wanted to think about some illustrations of people who have done what this verse says.

One perfect example is Joseph in the book of Genesis. When Potiphar’s wife began speaking seductively to him, Joseph, in prudence, ran from her presence. He could see that the end result would be sin and he “hid himself” from it.

Then it also dawned on me that by calling and asking me to read Scripture to him, my husband was putting into practice the wisdom of which this verse speaks He knew that without the Word of God to calm his heart, he would continue in his frustration and anger. Rather than stewing over the stupidity of drivers, he ran to the Wisdom of the Word to redirect His thinking. How wise.

How will you practice prudence today? Guard your heart against sinful reactions. Stay out of places where the end result would be sin. Turn from temptation. Hide yourself from the evil you see ahead of you rather than passing on – oblivious to the danger in your path!

Have a great weekend,

2 thoughts on “Prudence

  1. Denise,
    I finally got on your blog and read and read and read! What a blessing!
    I so appreciated the spiritual encouragement. One question: I attempted mashed potatoes in the crockpot a while back, but never could get the high-low setting or the amount of time right for cooking them while gone to church. I have probably overlooked something on your site(went back to August), but what is the correct hours and heat setting needed so the potatoes are done after church? Don't know if you want to respond on your blog or to my email–terriebryson@gmail.com (note the 2nd e in my name)


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