Noteworthy Wednesday

I like change; ask my husband. He never knows what he’s going to find when he comes home. For starters I like to change – the placement of the furniture, accessories in my decor, the rings on my phone, my menu, and the background picture on my computer!

I’m also going to change things up on Wednesdays here on my blog. I’d like to try a little experiment. I know someone is reading this at least fairly regularly, and I thank you, and am humbled that you’d spend a few minutes of your busy days to do so! Can I call on you to participate on Wednesdays? I’d love to have you share some of the best things you’ve seen, read, tasted, tried, heard, purchased, etc. I think it’s so helpful to go on a cooking website and read the reviews of the recipes. It really makes me determine whether I’m going to try it or not. In the same sort of way, I thought it would be helpful to one another if we shared noteworthy things on Wednesdays.

For starters today, would you please share the best devotional book you’ve done/read? Even if you see that someone else has already mentioned it, please share it again on your comment. If you are not a blogger and want to comment, then just choose the name/url option & simply write your name in. Let’s encourage and refresh one another by participating together on this!

Thanks ahead of time for taking time to leave a comment! You will, won’t you? 🙂

Under His feathers,

10 thoughts on “Noteworthy Wednesday

  1. The last few Bible Studies I've done recently are by John MacArthur. I have to admit I haven't completed either one but here's why…he makes you dig and think so I've been slowly plugging away! The first one I started is the book of Galatians and it has been very good. The second one is the “Twelve Extraordinary Women” Book at Study Guide. This one is very in-depth but well worth the time and super thought-provoking.


  2. We use the Daily Bread, devotional book every day. We have used it for years and years. We first had it delivered to our home, then our church had them available in three month series, now we get it online. They are true to God's word,timely, and most of all “In the Word”


  3. A Place of Quiet Rest, by Nancy Leigh Demoss is the one I'm reading right now. It just may be my favorite so far.”If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink” John 7:37. A quote from the book – “devotions – an invitation to draw near to Him, to walk right into the “Holy of Holies” to enter into an intimate love relationship with Him. This is a book for thirsty souls. An invitation to come to Him-not to another program, another thing to add to your “to do list”-but to Jesus, the Source of all Life.”


  4. I have used many devotional books over the years but the ones that stand out are the ones that interpret and apply scripture correctly. The author bases his/her thoughts on these scriptures. I remember the truths of the devotional because I use the main scriptures as part of my scripture memorization process. Two of the outlines I am reviewing right now are “When Trouble Comes” by Jim Berg and “Seeking Him” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.


  5. “When Trouble Comes” by Jim Berg is one of my favorites. I also have daily devotionals sent to me by email from Greg Laurie on Harvest.org. I have learned a lot from him.


  6. When my oldest was born, I struggled to get my quiet time in. The Lord allowed me to go to a FBF meeting where I heard Marti Collier speaking of her new book coming out. I was thrilled when she said you could just look at a verse and ponder on that one verse. The book “What Do I Know About My God” has been such a blessing in my life. I no longer just get a verse in, as I have a little more time, but the study of everything God is, has transformed my way of thinking. So thankful for that trip. I believe it was God leading us there as I was able to meet Mrs. Ledbetter who has become such a blessing in my life since that time.


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