Holding His Hand

I have recently begun co-teaching the 4 & 5 year-old Sunday school class at church. I love this age – you never what they’re going to say (or do!). I’ve been listening very carefully to each of them as they answer my questions, respond to the story, or talk with their peers. There are always little nuggets of truth in what little ones say, and I don’t want to miss anything!

 Sunday’s lesson was on Enoch walking with God. This was a little bit of a challenge to teach to little ones to get them to understand how we, too, can walk with God as Enoch did. I shared with them that the Bible says that Enoch’s ways pleased God. When we are close to God we will want to do what He says – we obey Him. We will pray and talk to God about everything, and we will confess our sins and tell Him we are sorry when we sin against Him.

Toward the end of class I was playing a review game with them, and I asked one little girl, “How can we walk with God like Enoch did?” Her answer was, “By holding His hand.” I don’t remember exactly how I answered her but I think I said something like, “Well, we can’t actually hold His hand like we would our mommy or daddy’s hand, but we do need to be that close to Him that it’s like we are holding His hand.” Precious…

Monday morning as I was having my quiet time I thought on that child’s response and I prayed, “Lord, help me to stay so close to you all day today so that I feel your hand in mine.” The truth is, that is how God wants us to walk with Him. I mustn’t walk ahead of Him, making my own decisions, my own plans. Don’t walk behind Him, doubting and questioning when He asks me to do something. We are to walk with Him, holding His hand. The truth is that He hold us, but we need to stay close within His reach. Oh, the sweet security we find there!

Safe in His grip,

3 thoughts on “Holding His Hand

  1. Oh, how precious this blog is. It brought tears to my eyes. How great are His truths! If we would bring our minds down as simple as a child's mind, and just believe and take God's Word as truth and trust without doubting our Christian life would benefit greatly because God's benefits are all we need.


  2. We so appreciate your enthusiasm in teaching the 4's and 5's. It is a blessing to a mommy's heart to hear my son say that he can't wait to get to Sunday School and see Mrs. C. I can't wait to see what the Lord is going to do through you in the lives of these precious children.


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