My Best Thought

When we are planning something – a day, an event, or just a meal, I love to hear someone say, “I have a thought!” It’s usually then followed by some great idea or plan! Ooooooo, share it! Isn’t that why we read blogs, search the Internet, and flip through pictures in a magazine? A brilliant thought or idea is just waiting to be discovered!

Sunday a young man in church stood to sing a solo before the message. His song was a different tune for the words to Be Thou My Vision. The new tune made me listen closer to the words. I listened and I heard him sing, “Thou my best thought, by day or by night…” The Lord brought to my mind at that moment, that no idea or thought is ever as wonderful as when I’m thinking on Him! He is my best thought. My best idea comes when I meditate on Christ!

Are you worried? Think on Christ!
Are things confusing? Think on Christ!
Is life crazy? Think on Christ!
Is your heart breaking? Think on Christ!
Do you need direction? Think on Christ!

He will be the best thought you think all day long!

In Christ,

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