Around My House At Christmas

It’s so cold outside here. The temperature was 12 degrees when I got up yesterday morning. This was the view outside the window of our guest room…

Step inside and warm up a bit! I’ll take you around and show you my decorations; they’re simple, but I have plenty all over the house!

The living room buffet has a little embellishment…

I love this ornament too much to hang it on the tree and let it get lost in all the other ornaments.

My china cabinet dishes have been replaced with my Christmas ones.

Of course the tree is the glory of the living room! Liza thinks so too! She doesn’t offer to touch it, but she loves to sit in front of it and just look! She’s not supposed to be on the arm of that chair, but she looked so cute that I snapped her picture, then made her get down!

Here’s the little pencil tree in my kitchen. I saw this idea of the old forks and spoons on a blog I read and thought it was a cute idea for my kitchen tree.

I’m still adding little touches as the month progresses. It’s a stretched out process this year! I’ll continue the tour tomorrow.

How are you coming with your decorations? Are you finished? Have you added something new? Tell us about it!

With love,

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