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Your Presence – Is It A Blessing To Others?

Many years ago there was a woman in my circle of life that was just one of those kinds of people that we affectionately call “EGR” people – Extra Grace Required. I mean no ill in saying that; it was the truth. If you knew her, you’d say the same thing, even if you have a sweet disposition like that of Melanie on Gone with the Wind! This poor woman was nearly always crabby. Her face was twisted up in discontent and she’d let you know exactly and specifically what was troubling her the moment she entered your presence. It was for those reasons that people pretty much avoided her.

On the other hand, I have known other people that I’ve gravitated to. There was one woman when I learned she was going to attend a certain event I’d hope to be seated near her because of her kind ways, fun-loving disposition and encouraging words. She talked of the Lord freely and as a part of her daily and moment-by-moment life. I learned by experience that being with her was always a blessing!

In Genesis 30 we find Jacob approaching Laban about taking his wives and children and going home. Laban isn’t real thrilled at the prospect. He answers Jacob by saying, “Tarry. For I have learned by experience that the Lord has blessed me for thy sake.” He wants Jacob to stay with him because he’s recognized that because Jacob was with him, he had received blessings from the Lord. Wow. As I read that the first thought that pops into my head is, “Does my presence bring God’s blessings to others? Or would people rather run when they see me coming?”

How about you? Are people blessed because you’re around? Do they know by experience that the Lord’s Spirit is abiding in you and they’re encouraged when they’re with you? If we have a crabby, critical or caustic attitude we can be very sure that people would rather run from us than retreat to us!

I’m asking the Lord to give me the great exchange today. I’m begging Him to take my ugly sinful nature and replace it with His Divine nature. May, I, like Jacob, be a blessing to others who are near me!

See you in church Sunday!

With love,

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