A Peek Into the Parsonage

 Pajama Runs and Family Fun

A happy home doesn’t mean that problems and difficulties never exist.  A happy home is a place where the people who live there deal biblically with the issues at hand.  The family inside a parsonage has as many troubles and struggles as their neighbors, and have to work just as hard at maintaining a right mind- set about dealing with the hard things and remembering to have plain ol’ fun together.  Having fun as a family is so important!  The Bible reminds us in Proverbs 17:22 that a merry heart is good medicine. If parents have a merry heart they can make a merry home by loosening up the stress and having fun as a family.

Just yesterday I read this entry in my diary from May 16, 1999.  (Our daughters were eight and fifteen at the time)

This evening after the girls had showered and gotten in bed, Dale rang a make-believe bell and hollered,

“Pajama run!  Pajama run!  Everyone in the van!” 

 We piled in and drove through Dairy Queen for a treat.  Allison was so tickled at the fun of it all that she came up to Dale’s seat while we were in the drive through line, put her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek.  Whitney enjoy it too.  Her words were, “I don’t have any make-up on!” 

It was a fun family memory builder.

Those little fun times did wonders to bind our hearts together as we laughed (usually at Allison’s antics or comments).  They relieved the stress of many things – ministry, discipline issues, hard work, or just growing up. 

The family in the parsonage sure isn’t perfect – we’ve dealt with many hard things, but when things got tough we tried to remember to loosen up and have fun!

Does your family need a pajama run and family fun?  Go for it!

With love and laughter,

3 thoughts on “A Peek Into the Parsonage

  1. Yes, we've done some crazy-fun stuff. Thanks, girls for loving your parents and going along with our antics and ideas in a desire to have happy home that would please the Lord. Love you both!


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