A Peek Into the Parsonage

I wish so much I could remember details of the past better.  They say the short-term memory is the first to go, so what is this saying about me?  I think I’m in trouble!  =)  I’m so thankful that I kept a journal during the years our girls were home, because it is serving as my memory.  It wasn’t written in daily, but I have highlights of things through the years.
Recently I picked up one of the journals and was reminded about how much our family read together.  My mom instilled a love for books in me and my sisters, and I longed for my girls to love to read too.  I began very early taking them to the library to check out books and attend the story time for their age groups.  We read at the dinner table after our meal was finished.  We read in the car.  We read at bedtime.  We read out in the yard on a blanket.  We read while on vacation.  We read while waiting for appointments.

We read a variety of books.  Some were just for fun books –  Mr. Popper’s Penguins, The Wizard of Oz, many of the Boxcar Children books, as well as Laura Ingles Wilder and Mandy series.  We read the Henry and Ribsy series by Beverly Cleary that were favorites of mine when I was a little girl.  Who wouldn’t love reading about the mischievous boy, Henry and his dog, Ribsy?  What fun we had imagining all the scenes in those stories!

We also read some books of missionaries, such  the story of the five American missionaries who ministered to the Auca Indians and were martyred.  The book telling their story is called, Through Gates of Splendor, by Elizabeth Elliot.  We read The Hiding Place; the story of Corrie Ten Boom and her imprisonment in the Concentration Camp during World War II.  We also read other missionary’s biographies, and also read of some evangelists. 

What a blessing reading together as a family is!  If you aren’t doing this, start small and work up to reading bigger books as your children get older.  Even if, like me, you don’t remember all the titles you read, the blessing of spending that time together and the impact of godly people that loved the Lord will impact your children the rest of their lives.

Above all books is the Book – God’s Word.  Does your family love it and read it together?  It’s the only Book that will hold your lives, your very world together when everything comes unglued. 
Love it. 
Read it. 
Memorize it.
It is the Mind of Christ.  Don’t neglect it…make it the first thing you read each day!

I’m trying, by God’s grace, to read a book a month right now.  So far I’ve read:
Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman 
Disciplines of the Home
(Re-read) The Hiding Place
His Word in My Heart – one more chapter to go!

What are you reading – either for yourself or with your family?  Do you have any recommendations of books to read that would strengthen our walk with God, our marriage or our home?  Why not share the title with us?

With love,

10 thoughts on “A Peek Into the Parsonage

  1. I love to read, too! And thank the Lord, Ethan loves to read, too! I just finished Already Gone by Ken Ham, I'm reading a book about a 16-year-old climbing Mount Everest and Fireproof right now. And the next one on my list is Love and Respect. I would love to read the 2 that you mentioned by Elisabeth Elliot and Corrie Ten Boom, but I haven't found them at the used book store just yet, but I'm keeping my eye out!


  2. Evelyn loves books. Starting around when she was six months, I have tried to read one book to her every day though it does not always happen or it maybe just a little board book. She just started to turn the board book pages for me while I read.

    Two books that I really enjoyed and learned from are “Not By Chance” by Layton Talbert and “A Chance to Die: The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael” by Elisabeth Elliot. I am excited though I just ordered some new books. (I love BJU Bible Conference sales!)


  3. Here's my shameless plug for a Kindle, then I have all the books I ever want with me and can decide what I want to read.
    http://www.goodreads.com is a networking site that you can share books and reviews with people as well, very cool.
    Here's my current list that I can currently remember:
    Decision Points by George Bush
    Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges
    Disciplines of a Godly Woman by Anne Ortland


  4. I'm constantly rereading the Anne of Green Gables series. Something about springtime always makes me want to read it again! I'm squeezing 'Searching for God Knows What' by Don Miller and 'Jesus for President' by Shane Claiborne in between.


  5. Just finished reading The Friendships of Women. Interesting read, and really enjoyed the chapters talking about transparency. Just started Shepherding a Child's Heart.


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