A Peek Inside the Parsonage

Orange Hot Cross Buns Recipe

I shared a couple of years ago about our family’s Easter traditions which included our “Easter Saturday” events, coconut cake, and brisk sunrise services at home on Indiana mornings. They are special memories to me, and I love to reminisce about the fun we had together as we celebrated the empty tomb. I think it’s special for a family to have certain foods and traditions that make the holidays really memorable.

When I was a little girl, my family had a tradition that we all loved.  For our Easter dessert, my dad always made us a bunny ice cream treat.  He would put a nice round scoop of ice cream in an ice cream dish, then he’d cut a banana half in half lengthwise and use those for the bunny’s ears.  Jelly beans created the face.  I think there was also coconut added.  We would have been disappointed if that treat hadn’t made its way to our dinner table on Easter!  It was Dad’s addition to our meal, and to our family. 

For our breakfast this Easter Sunday I’m making Orange Hot Cross Buns.  This is a new recipe, but it has high reviews, so I’m going for it!  Who knows?  This might be a new tradition in the Cunningham’s parsonage!

What does your family do to celebrate Easter? 

With love,

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