A Downward Fall

It happened so suddenly I wasn’t quite sure what had just occurred. One minute I was riding along the bike path, the next I was on the ground, my bike on top of me.  My husband and I were riding the Virginia Creeper Trail and, having ridden it many times, I’d never had a spill off my bike in the past.  It’s funny to me now, and thank the Lord I didn’t break anything, but the fall was my own fault.  I’d taken my hand off the rear brake and my eyes off the road to take a picture!  (Dumb idea!)  My bike hit a large rock in the path and the only hand that was on the handlebars hit that brake – the front one – and over I went! 

After I got my husband’s attention and he came back to rescue me, he asked me, “Denise, what are you doing?”  My first response was to say something smart like, “I got tired so I thought I’d just a nap with my bike on top of me!”  But instead I admitted, “I fell because I was taking a picture.” Trust me, I didn’t do that any more!  From that point on, I rode along with careful thought and precision, guiding the bike along the secure path and avoiding any rocks in the way!

Proverbs 28:14 reminded me of how easily we fall into sinful situations when we don’t think.  It says,

Happy is the man that feareth alway: but he that hardeneth his heart shall fall into mischief.

When we have a right view of God and a healthy fear of Him, we will be happy.  Why?  Because we won’t be sinning habitually.  It takes thinking correctly about God that keeps me in a right fear of Him and His judgments. 

But look at what the verse says about the person who hardens his heart – or who is careless about his view of sin and God…He will fall into mischief.  My fall off my bike obviously took no thought!  I really thought I could take my hand off the handlebar and snap a picture while pedaling down the path!  I didn’t plan or prepare for the fall.  When we fall into mischief (sin) it’s due to us not thinking right and being careless. We may be thinking we can handle this little issue ourselves, or that it won’t bother us.  We’re not meditating on Scripture to help us avoid temptation.  We haven’t thought through how we will avoid the sin, should it confront us on our path.  And then because we aren’t thinking, we fall.

Notice that falling always leads us downward – not just in a physical sense, but spiritually.  We never fall into something good!  We must take careful thought not to fall to the sin before us.  It takes effort and God’s enablement to stay right, but God will help us to do it!

What will you choose today?  Will you think correctly and carefully,  or will you have to live out the consequences off falling into mischief?  I pray you “Stay on the bike!”

With love,

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