Freshen Up Friday

I learned a good lesson from my mom – If you don’t have exactly what you need, improvise.  I think I’m still learning how to do that, but have found that it’s getting easier as I’ve gotten older.  The other day I was making a microwave mug chocolate cake and had just used the last of my milk.  I only needed 3 tablespoons, so I improvised with Peppermint Mocha Cream.  It worked fine (though I didn’t think the cake recipe was worth repeating).

Another area of improvising is in decorating.  I’ve watched my mom take a picture of a mantle or tabletop in a magazine and go around the house finding things to mimic the look.  She didn’t always have exactly what she needed, so she improvised.

Yesterday I did the same thing in my kitchen.  I’d seen a really pretty table scape and did what I could to copy it.  Here’s the photo from Better Homes and Gardens Magazine:

Here’s my improvised version:

Of course I left the baskets of silverware and linens off because I only wanted to use this as a centerpiece.

It really does refresh me to add something pretty and something different to the kitchen table.  It can be easy to just plunk the same centerpiece down.  Why not look in a magazine (or Google images on-line) and find something you love, then try to mimic it on your kitchen table? Remember to improvise on the items you don’t have.   Add some sparkle and beauty to the place your family gathers for mealtime, and I just bet you’ll be refreshed.

See you in church Sunday!

Lots of love,

5 thoughts on “Freshen Up Friday

  1. What would we do without magazines to give us inspiration? Love those glossy pages! I like your new look on your blog, it's very Fallish. Outside it's beginning to wisper Fall, but some of the curling leaves on the trees are due to HOT weather, and the absence of rain.Love your tablescape!


  2. Great job, Denise! Love your colours and center piece. Am I correct it's a mirror/tray?

    And, is your tea pot a Lipton? Thanks for the idea to use mine to hold flowers.

    (Hi, Mrs. Ray) ~ Debby


  3. Thanks, Mom – for the compliment and your example. =)

    Debby, yes that is a mirror. I'd like to add handles to it to make it a tray. All I need is a handyman!

    That is actually a Hall pitcher that was my grandmother's. I do also use a couple of tea pots for vases though. The colors can add so much!


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