Freshen Up Friday

Nothing will refresh us like revival!  In this first week of our revival meeting there has been so much that the Lord has said to me; several things about which He has stirred my heart.  I will admit that sometimes in a week like this (with one yet to come), I feel desperate.  I see where I have failed the Lord.  But oh, how wonderful to make it right!  His mercy is boundless, and when I confess, He forgives.  That brings a renewal and refreshment like nothing else! 

Here are some of the statements that have been in my thoughts and on my heart –

Do I have a chattering, complaining or cutting tongue?

Temptation comes:

  • When we’re strong
  • When we’re successful
  • When we’re serving
  • When we’re in secret
How good it is to know the God Who knows us.
God gave His Son for you; and you can’t give Him the remote?
The products of fiery trials are:
  • The Savior is exalted
  • The saints are edified
  • Other sufferers are encouraged
God’s Word isn’t a suggestion; it’s a mandate.

This week has been wonderful, hasn’t it?  To whom much is given, much is required.  We are now responsible for the Truth that we have heard.  Oh, may it change us to be more like our Savior and bring revival to our hearts!
If you’ve been a part of the meetings, tell me one thing the Lord has said to you this week.  How has your heart been refreshed and challenged?
With love,

One thought on “Freshen Up Friday

  1. I need to open my eyes and see people. There are lost people in my sight everyday. I need to have a burning desire to see the lost saved. I need to have compassion. When God gives me somethng to say if I don't say it I am being disobedient.
    Lord please forgive me for failing You everyday. Amen


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