What’s Cookin’ in the Parsonage?

Leaving JFK Airport at 8 am Friday morning after our all night flight from Tel Aviv

Hello, Friends!  You have no idea how wonderful it is to be back in East Tennessee, back at my computer, and back at RefreshHer!! 

When our plane landed at the Tri-Cities Airport Friday afternoon, we looked up in the terminal and saw this sweet group of people from our church awaiting our arrival…

This children were holding a “Welcome Home” sign.  They held onto it long enough to allow me to snap this picture, then we were flooded by their hugs and squeezes.  ~Precious!~

There are many wonderful places to visit, and Israel was a place I’m so thankful I got to see, but I agree with Dorothy – there’s no place like home!  I missed “chatting” with you all, but was so thrilled with the super job Whitney did while I was away.  Thanks, Whitney, for your hard work posting in my absence.  You make me proud! I’m still getting over seeing those old photos that were posted, though! Ahhh!  We’ll talk later! =).

Well, it’s Monday and time to talk about food, right?  Let me tell you, we enjoyed some interesting and delicious dishes in Israel.  It wasn’t fried chicken, southern green beans and sweet tea, however, I enjoyed trying the new tastes of another culture.  As you see in the picture above, there were lots of good salad choices at every meal (yes, even breakfast!).  I enjoyed roasted sweet potato slices served cold, fennel with dill, wonderful black olives, hummus and pita (served at every meal), and tons of great cheeses.  Take a look at the variety of cheeses at the first place we stayed…

Here was lunch one day – Peter’s Fish.  It was a little odd being stared at by my meal, but it I disregarded his evil eye and enjoyed him!

The food we saw most every day at lunchtime was Falafel. This is a fast food dish made of ground chickpeas. It is deep fried and served in a pita bread, usually with hummus or some other “sauce” as well as fresh vegetables. It was good.


Toward the end of our trip in Israel we found ourselves thinking about American foods and were getting pretty excited about enjoying some “comfort foods” when we returned.  Yesterday was my husband’s birthday, so I made him one of his favorites – Katie Brown Chicken,  mashed potatoes and biscuits.  I also served cauliflower with cheese sauce.  Plain chicken with just lemon and fresh herbs tasted wonderful to us both.  Venturing into another food culture is great and I really enjoyed it, but there’s nothing like the foods you were raised on when you return home!

I’m thinking there will be some other comfort foods on my menu this coming week!  What foods do you crave when you’ve been out of your kitchen and/or your culture?

Happy to be back in my parsonage kitchen,

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