Freshen Up Friday

I’d have to say that Valentine’s Day has always been a favorite holiday of mine.  From the time I was a little girl cutting out those folded pieces of paper that magically turned into symmetrical hearts, I’ve been head over heels in love with the day itself!  What’s not to love about chocolate, conversation hearts, flowers, lacey paper doileys, and heart-shaped food from cookies to pancakes? 

Okay, I hear a single gal lamenting that this day is a little over the top, and she feels excluded. I hear the wife that’s sighing and recounting that her husband hasn’t remember this day in forever. I’m truly sorry.    Perhaps we need to Refresh our hearts about this Love-filled holiday.

Whether we’re married, dating or single, Valentine’s Day is about expressing our love for someone else.  This will require each of us to lower our expectations of the day and do unto others.  If we approach February the 14th about with what we’re going to get out of it, we are setting ourselves up for disaster, disappointment and, if you’re married,  potential divorce!  Seriously, if we expect roses, chocolates and sweet sentiment written in red accompanied by boxes of our favorite chocolates  in heart-shaped boxes, we are sure to be disappointed.  Let’s each give our Valentine’s expectation a little overhaul and start thinking ahead of the person(s) to whom we could show love, rather than dwelling on the one from whom we better receive it. 

Start with your family, then think outside the box. 

  • Love on your husband.  List why you love him – on paper, the bathroom mirror, or a special card .  Get his favorite candy, or make him his favorite dessert.  Buy him a new CD.  Print off a picture that encapsulates a special memory for you both.  Plan a special date – at home (dinner and/ordessert in your bedroom after the kids are in bed) or away.  Hide Valentine notes for him in special places – the car, his computer, his wallet, the shower…
  • Love on your kids.  Heart-shaped foods – pancakes, sandwiches, cookies, brownies, etc. are always fun!  One year I made paper hearts that made a trail that led from the girls’ bedrooms to a special treat. 
  • Remember a senior citizen whose mate has passed away.  This can be a lonely time for them.  Buy flowers or send a card telling them why you and your family cares for them.
  • Send a note to a single young adult woman.  Young adult women are often hurting because they’re waiting for the Lord to bring in “Mr. Right.”  Waiting for can be very frustrating. Single women who have experienced divorce are also hurting people that need care from others.   Send a card, reminding them that they are valuable to you.  Don’t preach to them about their situation; just express your love.  A small gift would also be a thoughtful gesture.

If you pray about showing love to others, and then get caught up in what you could do, it will lessen your own pain, if you should feel neglected.  Remember yesterday’s quote?  It fits. Even on Valentine’s Day.  Very much.

Be refreshed,

3 thoughts on “Freshen Up Friday

  1. Denise, for almost 5 years now, this has been “just another day”.


    Last evening I fixed a delicious, colourful dinner for my husband and myself. Coke chicken smothered with onions, steamed shredded yellow squash & carrots, mashed sweet potatoes, and sliced sweet red peppers. All Steve's favorites.

    After an appointment this afternoon, I'll buy a new tool Steve has been wanting from the hardware store and a bouquet of flowers for myself.

    The best Valentine gift this day was a phone call from a young friend asking me to pray with her.

    The heart shaped pancakes… yes! Thank you for the great idea for supper tonight.

    Much love to you~ Debby


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