A Peek Inside the Parsonage

Things were a bit abnormal for a few days in the parsonage.

We sipped on an afternoon cup of coffee and enjoyed
visiting while looking out at the yard.

  Some pastors and wives are near their family, but most are not; my parents live four hours away.   I’ve tried to make a trip by myself each spring to spend time with them.  When I was homeschooling, I needed the break away.  Though the girls are gone from home, I’ve continued the tradition, and enjoy it so much. We spend lots of time sitting and catching up.  We’ll visit in the sunroom or library.  We may go to town and shop a bit and also stop for an ice cream.  It’s usually just done on the spur of the moment – doing whatever we feel like doing. 

Being at my parents’ home is so relaxing.  It’s not just that they’re retired that makes their home inviting, though that is a part of it. It is also the quiet setting and location of their house, the lovely set-up of each room so that you can sit comfortably to chat and also view their beautiful yard.

Here is a picture taken from the sunroom.  We watched this bunny hop all over, stopping for an occasional chomp on something green and luscious.

 Isn’t he adorable? 

We also watched a pair of finches on the windmill and also on the birdbath.  To have time to sit and watch God’s creatures enjoy the outdoors while I sat comfortably and unhurried was a blessing.

I spent a good deal of time looking through old photo albums.  Oh, my!  My dad also played a video of years ago.  I snapped a picture of the screen…

That little girl is all grown up, but it was fun to be reminded of her preschool days!

Being at my parents also means enjoying their touch of beauty inside their home.  It is clean (spotlessly so!), organized and decorated better than a Southern Living model home!  My mom has always had a way of making simple things beautiful – whether it be a meal, an outfit, or a cabinet. She has an eye for beauty, and it shows in every room.  I love sitting and soaking in all the touches that make their house a home.

My mom’s table and red roses.

Doesn’t this just say, “Come on in!”?


Of course one blessing of going away from home is coming back!   Here was my view as I drove through the Cumberland Gap:

Then this was waiting for me on my kitchen table…

Yep, I think the parson missed me!  Though I had a great time, I missed him greatly too.  I know how lonely the parsonage can be when you’re the only one occupying it! 

Since I got home, my husband’s phone has rung several times, things are pressing in on the agenda for tomorrow, as well as the next few days.  Yep, things are back to normal, and that’s okay because this is our life – our shared life in the parsonage.

What do you love about your own home or that of your parents’?

Back at my parsonage windows,

One thought on “A Peek Inside the Parsonage

  1. Thanks for making the trip, and for the lovely things you said in your Blog about being home. We enjoyed your visit, and we enjoy everyday the Lord gives us. Come again! Mom


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