Everything You Need

Two weeks ago when I set out to make my Lemon Bars, I went to my canister where I keep my powdered sugar only to find that I had none! My first thought was to ditch this recipe and make something else for which I had all the ingredients.  I had already done my grocery shopping, and didn’t want to have to make a special trip out. Before quitting, however, I did what we all do in this day of modern technology – I googled – How to make powdered sugar!  I learned that confectioner’s sugar is made by blending regular sugar and adding corn starch, so I made my own! Here’s how it’s done:
For each cup of powdered sugar you need, use that much granulated sugar. Place in blender.  Add 1-2 Tablespoons of Corn starch to each cup of sugar to prevent clumping and improve thickening ability.
Blend until it turns to powder.  Caution, the crystals can etch a plastic blender.

 It turned out great! 

So, it ends up that I really did have what I needed for my Lemon bars.  No need to fret. 

That reminds me that whenever the Lord calls us to do something for Him, we will have everything we need!  Of course I’m not talking about sugar and flour, but abilities.  When we’re ready to quit and run for it because we’re sure we’re clean out of that ability or gift, when need to stop and remember that when the Lord calls, He equips.  There are so many examples of this in Scripture – from Moses to Paul.  Your spiritual pantry will have everything you need to do what He has led you to do – teach a class, give a testimony, share the Gospel or lead a group of stubborn people!  Don’t quit!  Watch how the Lord will provide everything you need – even without Google!

How have you seen the Lord equip you when you didn’t think you had what was necessary to do a difficult task?

With love,

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