Freshen Up Friday

I’m attempting something new today…an instructional video!
I trust this Pie Crust making video will inspire you to give crust making a try!

Here’s the finished pie…

So, what do you think?  Did you learn anything or get inspired?  I pray so!

Thanks for taking time to stop in!

11 thoughts on “Freshen Up Friday

  1. Agreeing with Linda and Christina!
    Please do this often… and… you need your own show!

    It was a pleasure to watch your video, Denise. One thing I learned is to not scrimp. Your crust is much thicker, and there's more edging to enjoy.

    Hmmmm… maybe 'cause you didn't use the mix in the little blue box like I normally use~ 😉

    Love you and appreciate so much the time and thought you put into Refresh Her to encourage the rest of us~ Debby


  2. Denise I loved the video, can't wait to try my hand at this and you will be in the kitchen with me
    instructing me all the way. Shoot, we you did close ups I found myself smiling and shaking my head yes to let you know I got it (as if you could see me:) Hope you to this often, your a wonderful cook and a great teacher and I can't think of anyone I'd rather learn from. Love you girlfriend.


  3. Christina, Debby and Becky, you all are so sweet. Thanks for watching, and for your sweet comments. It was tons of fun. Any suggestions for upcoming things you'd like to see?


  4. Denise, as with everything you do, it was a great success. you have an ease about you, that I noticed when I was in your classroom years ago. You are much more methodical than I, and I enjoyed watching you.


  5. That means so much to me, Mom, thank you. Teaching is what I love to do and the Lord has allowed me to do it for many years and in many different venues. Thanks for watching…when you hardly need tips from me about pie baking! I learned from the best!


  6. Thanks, Dianne. About our show – what we will call it? Double D's Delights? Dinner with D&D? Move over Rachel Ray, the other Ray girls are movin' in! =)


  7. I'm so glad you posted this, Mrs. C! I haven't forgotten about it and I was finally brave enough to try it this weekend and they turned out great! I used butter instead of shortening since that's what I had in the house, so they may not be as flaky, but they looked good on my chicken pot pies!


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