The Just Delivered

People problems.  We face them every day.  I heard a preacher once say,  “The ministry would be great if it weren’t for people!”  The comic strip, Peanuts shows Linus saying, I love mankind; it’s just people I can’t stand!”  That’s ridiculous, of course, because mankind is people.  Ministry is people.  Your job is people.  Your family is people, as well as your neighborhood, and so on.  So, if we all live with people, and people can be frustrating (the person in the mirror is frustrating to others too!), the best thing to do is learn to deal with them biblically! 

Ever have someone tell a lie about you?  It stings, and you feel as helpless to get the truth known as a chicken on its way to the slaughtering house.  Yesterday I was reminded in Proverbs’ simplicity that the truth will always prevail. 

An hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbor,
but through knowledge shall the just be delivered.
Proverbs 11:9

Years ago we had someone tell some horrendous lies about our family.  Our initial response was to shout the truth everywhere we went, but the Lord stopped us from doing so.  We knew these things weren’t true, and the Lord reminded us that He would allow the truth to prevail in His time.  It was hard to wait, but we did.  Eighteen years later the one who had spread the lies, made a long distance trip to see us and ask our forgiveness.  Though that may seem like a very long time to wait, in comparison to eternity, it really isn’t.  Quite frankly, it was worth the wait!  It was a sweet reunion as restitution was made and hugs of forgiveness were exchanged.

Yes, the just are delivered.  Even if it doesn’t happen until eternity, the truth will always prevail.

If you’ve fallen prey to someone’s lies, remind yourself of what God’s Word says about it, and allow the One who is Truth, to bring it into the full light at just the right time.  Let Him be your Deliverer.

With love,

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