The Blessing of Obedience

A friend recently shared with me that her father-in-law had been really struggling with a difficulty in their home.  He was desperate.  A tugging came to my friend’s heart to stop and pray with him.  She was hesitant and felt a little awkward, but she took his hand and said, “We need to pray,” and then she did!  When her prayer was finished, he was calmed down and peace filled both their hearts.  She smiled and said to me, “It feels good to obey!”

Let’s ask:

“How does it feel to obey Moses?”
“Abraham, how did your obedience feel?”
“What was different about how you felt after obeying God, Paul?”
“Did you feel better when you obeyed, Jonah?”
“Israelites, was obedience a better feeling than going your own way?”

I know that from all of them we would hear a resounding, “YES!”

Now let me ask you, dear reader…how do you feel when you obey?  It’s sweet, isn’t it?!  Is there something that you know the Lord has asked you to do, but you’re hesitant?  Why delay?  To obey is better than sacrifice and to hearken than the fat of rams. I Samuel 15:22  Just ask Saul.  He lost in the battle of obedience.  He made the choice to go his own way (which is a complicated way to say he disobeyed!).  His consequences were severe.  We will always lose when we disobey, but on the other hand, God will bless us when we obey.  Blessing never precedes obedience.  We don’t obey for the  sake of the blessing; we obey to glorify God.  He however, in His love and mercy, chooses to bless us when we honor Him by obeying.

Don’t delay your obedience any longer.  Bow the knee in submission.  The sweetness will follow.

With love,

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