Thrifty Thursday: Time Yourself!

Last Thursday I shared the thought that discipline is the key for making more time in your day. Once you’ve begun your day with a list, the next step might be to set some timers! 
Making yourself stick to time parameters – even with daily tasks – may prove to be the thing that propels you into time saving success! 

  • Shopping: Allow yourself 30 minutes to get through the grocery store (or a little longer if you’re shopping with children). This is a much more feasible task if you walk into the store with your list made and coupons clipped.
  • Browsing: Set the timer for 15 minutes during times for checking Facebook or Pinterest
  • Getting ready: Get up in enough time to be ready (I mean really ready) for church – 15 minutes before your spouse or children. I always need extra time for those things I can’t control (hole in husband’s shirt, an emergency stop for coffee because you’re out of creamer, etc.)
  • Organizing: set the timer for 20 minutes and clean out a dresser until the timer goes off, then move on to the next task on your list.
  • Communicating: catching up on emails – or even correspondence for your business – can swallow hours of your day before you know it! Set the timer for 30 minutes and stop when the time is up!
What other tasks of yours need some time constraints? Tell me in the comments or on the Facebook page!


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