Freshen Up Friday

Getting dressed can be stressful.  Well, I guess it’s not the putting on of clothes that brings the stress – it’s deciding what to wear.  You know what I mean – trying to decide: This shoe or this one?  (Ever do the flamingo thing where you pick up one foot and then the other, trying to get a picture of which one is better?)  Or you may wonder if the colors or patterns you’ve put on really go together. 

I’ve found a little way to make the deciding a bit easier.  I step back from the full length mirror and snap a picture on my phone.  Even if you can’t take a picture on your phone, if you have a digital camera, that will work just as well.  Take a picture of the two things you’re trying to decided on.  Like this:

See Liza?  She’s always right there to give her opinion!

Then once you’ve taken the pictures, look at the first, then the second.  I’ve found that seeing it quickly in front of me – going back and forth from the first picture to the second – really gives me an idea of which choice is better. 

Freshen up your outfits by taking a (careful) chance.  Seeing them like this really helps with the decision making!

See you in church Sunday!

Be refreshed,

P.S.  Which jacket did I choose? The solid black. Too much going on with the other one!

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