Tornadoes and Treasures

Continued from last week...

All the other 100 students or so were calling back home to talk to their parents to be assured that all was well in their families. However, my sister and I had a problem – we couldn’t reach our parents. No matter how many times we tried, there was no connection to that land line. Worry began to creep in. Little did I know that in the hours to come, I would be feeding off of the truths that God had revealed to me in His Word early that morning.

The whole band was sitting listening to another band play their concert, when my band director slipped in and ushered my sister and me out of the concert. This was odd. Something was going on. My heart was pounding. Once in the quiet and privacy of another room, we were told that the tornado that went through our city had touched down on our house. The roof was completely removed from our home. We were assured that our parents were well. My mom had only suffered a severe bruise on her arm from a beam that fell from the ceiling. The neighbors had come over and taken her to safety until family could arrive to take her to their home.

We made the bus ride back to Kentucky within the next day or so. I couldn’t wait to go home. I wanted to see it for myself. I remember sitting down on the street in front of our house in the parked car. Looking up at the house, I saw not one piece of roofing – no shingle or piece of lumber left on the top of the house. The wires that ran the electricity through the house were dangling in each room like tangled embroidery floss in a sewing basket. The rains that had followed the storm had saturated the furniture, draperies and rugs making them as useless as dish rags. As I faced the devastation, and thought about God’s protection, tears ran down my face. The friend that was with me in the car said,

“Denise, don’t feel sorry for yourself.”

Sorry for myself? Oh no, I wasn’t sorry. Sure, I was sad at the loss, but I was even more overwhelmed at how the Lord had gone before us. He had protected my mom. He had protected my sister and me – our band’s buses had driven through the very storm that had touched our town. He had also prepared me with the Scriptures that would remind me that my real treasures are in heaven where they could never be destroyed. Miracle of miracles, He also caused the shelves in the closets to fall over the clothing and protect the garments from the torrents of rain. Oh, yes, “shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith?” Yes, He did.

God took care of so many details in that literal storm. We never lacked for anything. He used that to teach me, as a teenager, that He had planned it all, and was in the midst of the tornado that touched, not only our home, but also our spiritual lives. I learned that I could trust Him with anything that came into my world. He drew me into a closer dependence on Him – the Creator of tornadoes and treasures.

What “storm” are you experiencing right now? Look in faith to your God; He will provide, protect and proceed every step you take.

With love,

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