Day #12 of the House Cleaning Challenge

Today’s 30 Day House-Cleaning Challenge was to  clean out a closet or two, surface clean an extra room, or deep clean a bedroom. I opted for a closet since I had a busy day planned.

This closet wasn’t too bad, just a little messy and full of winter clothes. 

I swapped things around so my spring and summer things are reachable.  I grouped all the dresses together, the jackets together and also like colors.
I also vacuumed the inside of the closet floor.  

One day I’m going to have matching hangers!
I think it will help with the looks for the closet!
The boxes on top are made out of fabric and they zip closed.  
I keep out of season tops and shoes in there.
I discarded things that didn’t get worn this past winter.  
I filled a bag.  It will head to Good Will this evening 
with the rest of the load that I’ve accumulated this week. 
I love getting rid of unnecessary things; it’s so freeing!

How did you come along with today’s challenge?  

It feels great to know that these 12 projects have been checked off my list and that things are getting cleaned out!  You know, cleaning and organizing is really a part of being a good steward of what the Lord has given us.  By maintaining organization, we are also practicing temperance, as mentioned in II Peter 1.  So, it’s not about having OCD; it’s about learning to be orderly, like our God.

Have a great weekend!

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